Ajing in Pemanggil, 24-25apr.

Des T
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The plan was to have 2 solid days of fishing with super ultra light gears and micro jigs, called Ajing.
Main line of 2 -4 lb and jigheads 2 - 4 gm only.

We arrived in Mersing late Sunday night, loaded up our boat and cast off. Then sit back, relax. We have hours to kill.

Reached Kampong Buao jetty in Pemanggil 4.5hrs later.
Old man like me was pooped. Dead tired.
But many of our young anglers were still energetic and eager to immediately 'test out the waters' at this jetty.

There was only a single light bulb here, so it was pretty dark.
Soon our eyes got accustomed to it.

Within minutes....

All these within 1 hour.

  • Des T
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    Now everyone is really really pooped.
    A quick wash up, then crashed into bed for 2 hours of much-needed sleep.
    We all had happy dreams, I am sure.

    Next morning 0730hrs. We had a quick breakfast, tapao lunches and off to the boat.

    The jetty.

    The condition of the jetty looked less frightening in the dark of the night !
    It sure does not inspire a lot of confidence of its structure, does it ?

    Anyway, the authorities are aware of this precarious jetty and had already started work on a new jetty next to it.

    Far out at sea at an unjam. We visited several unjams throughout the day.

    All happy faces.

  • Des T
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    On the way back to Kampong Buao, we passed by this abandoned village.

    It still has a sturdy jetty.

    We decided to explore the fishing here.

    Beautiful corals, clear water. But no fish.

    Next day after breakfast, we packed up.

    Lesson learnt:
    Night fishing off the jetty is so much more productive than a whole day out at the unjam.

    Des T
  • Luke Maow Bear
    This is super cool
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