Pulau Petong, Batam. 29apr - 1 may 2018

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Pulau Petong, Batam.   29apr -  1 may 2018


The ferry to Batam left Harbourfront at 0800hr.

It was not crowded. Arrived there 0930hr.


Robin L of Reefs Adventure was awaiting our arrival.

We travelled in their bus past this iconic bridge for another hour, to the 4th bridge.


All 11 of us fitted into this long boat.

That tarpaulin shelter, when lowered, was absolutely essential in keeping us dry for the 1 hour high-speed ride.

Pulau Petong. Two small islands surrounded by beautiful corals linking them together.

Boardwalk. From our chalet to the main building.

Crystal clear water.


It was too early for lunch. So Robin took us to a floating pontoon not far away.

End of Part 1.

Des T

  • Des T



    Later, we went out fishing in a small boat, a short distance off the island.

     Our loot. Not impressive.


    Back at the main building, I casted out a small baitfish.

    And got this…

    And this…



    Night. You can either go drink a lot, or you can cast a line out.


    Early next morning, I landed more of these.


    Mid-day.  Another nice one. I landed quite a few more.


    Soon, the rest of our anglers that went out in the small boat returned with this catch.

    That became part of our dinner.


    By now we were all hungry.

    End of Part 2.
  • Des T

    In the afternoon, we visited a kampong on a nearby island.




    The locals rely on wells like these for their freshwater.


    This kampong has a school…

    …. And a provision shop.


    No signboard outside, but every local knows this shop sells everything they need.

    We bought ice-creams an potato chips.


    Lots of fruit trees. And no need to fence them up.

    End of Part 3.


    Des T


  • Des T


    Coconut palms were everywhere. Too tempting.

    So we ordered one for each of us.


    You can’t get coconuts any fresher than this….


    Back on Pulau Petong. Sunset.




    After a slow leisurely breakfast, time to pack up.


    We skipped lunch at Pulau Petong so that we could sample the food at this well-known restaurant.

    It is a big place, built on stilts over a fast-flowing river.

    The food was good ( order their signature dishes.)

    And their price is absolutely attractive !!!


    End of Part 4.


    Des T

  • Des T
    Pulau Petong, Batam.   29apr -  1 may 2018.


    We still had time to kill. So we came to Mega Mall, which is just next to the ferry terminal that will take us home.

    Yep, it has all the usual attractions to kill time.


    Finally, time to board the ferry home.

    We just need to walk across the overhead bridge that linked Mega Mall to the ferry terminal.

    No rush.



    Des T

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