Jigging Rig for Tengs in Rompin

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Hi guys, on my last Rompin trip, I had many cut lines when I was jigging for tengs. What I used was a 30lb leader tied directly to my jig. May I know what rig to use in order for me to reduce the rate of the cut leader?

Metal wire? What poundage should I get? How do I tie it?
  • sharkbait
    Hi you can try Decoy short wire leader.

    Some say wire kills the action of the lure.. but this wire profile is slimmer than most of the 7x7 wire. 

    I witness kaki jig with 7x7 wire despite boatman disagree. He managed to hook up 1x Ebek and 1x Teng within a 2hrs window.

    Downside. The wire can only take one hit. After that it become curly like maggi .

  • Luke Maow Bear
    I have never had issues with wire being there, "they said" has always been the information being passed down from "they said'ers".

    A small wire extension never really hurt the bite as long as you are blistering the retrieve.
  • monstrad
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    recommended jig size is about 60-100g, don't go too small as it will increase chance of tengs mouthing the whole jig n cut u off

    the famous pintail is abt 120mm long

    I use 7x7 wire, 20lbs, abt 10cm long, I still do get cut off but get a lot more bites den 40lb wire leader

    recommended knot for wire to leader is Albright knot

    ps, if u r feeling rich, u can use titanium wire

    Terminator Pro Series Titanium Leader Wire won't break when it gets kinked like traditional stainless steel wire, Titanium leader stretches like monofilament so you will have less pulled hooks, it is tougher than stainless wire and is totally corrosion proof.  We suggest using a clinch knot to a hook or swivel and using an Albright knot to join the Titanium leader to monofilament or fluorocarbon.  Titanium wire leader is an excellent choice for Kingfish, Wahoo and Barracuda, as well as any toothy critter

  • Luke Maow Bear
    I didn't even know there was a titanium wire leader! That's cool! Gosh it must cost the earth!

  • Senght
    Thanks guys for the tips. What is 7x7? Also do I tie the wire to the braided line or to a FC leader?
  • monstrad
    Senght said:
    Thanks guys for the tips. What is 7x7? Also do I tie the wire to the braided line or to a FC leader?

    u go tackle shop n see wire leader, got a few type, if in doubt just buy the made in japan expensive stuff

    7x7=49 strand wire leader

    some is single strand

    titanium wire u need to buy online, I never seen it in local tackle shop

  • Tinker
    Titanium Wire leader available at AOF...
  • sunshineboy
    use anchovy missle , good teng weapon on a fast crank.
  • Senght
    How about nylon coated wire? I understand it is 1x7 but less visible than the 7x7. Any kaki tried it before?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    I use a really long lure. Like a Tide Minnow, or I think it was Zerek that has a lookalike which is cheap and does the job too.
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