Daiwa Exist LT 2018 or Shimano Stella 2018?

Hi guys, 

im planning to get either one of the above reels for offshore. Any tips or recommendation which? A million thanks!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Shimano Stella. No contest.
  • asdasdking
    Shimano Stella. No contest.
    ​I’ve heard their new micro gears won’t last? Lol
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Shimano Stella. No contest.
    ​I’ve heard their new micro gears won’t last? Lol
    ​Oh! Ok that's good feedback lol, I am just fan la, I am a bad person to ask about this. BUT, yes I have heard similar things as well or at least murmurs of this.
  • banex
     B) I am anti shimano, I can give u a hundred reasons y u should choose Exist over Stella :p
  • monstrad

    according to calvin, the reelspa guy, he didn't have issue with micro module gears for those stella he serviced

    stella is way better, which is why stella is always more expensive than exist/saltiga

  • Freakinfart
    both also can.. but resale value stella will fetch highest.

    servicing for stella easier as well.

    Daiwa on the other hand, damn slow when ordering spare parts.

    At the end of the day both also ok.
  • asdasdking
    well considering resale + spare parts .. seems like stella appears to be superior! lets see if other bros out there got other comments
  • Michael Lim
    Just get the one you feel the most comfortable with...  I always banter with Luke...  I am Daiwa camp, he is Shimano camp...  but in the end what you use is up to you.

    Go to the shops, feel both the reels, whichever draws your eyes is the one for you.
  • anglersaddict
    magseal reel will be a challenge especially when it comes to servicing
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