Daiwa tatula LT vs Ballistic LT.

which reel should I get and what size? I’m thinking 2500 but their line capacity seems huge a reel this size.

I’m looking for an ultra light setup for micro / light jigging. Likely, southern or rompin area.

according to the tackle shop, both reels are built for saltwater application. However, ballistic do offer Magseal while tatula does not. Bearings looks the same. Price difference ain’t huge.

Hence I would assume it boils down to the actual performance of both reels. Any kakis here can help me out pleasseeee!
  • FishingKaki.com
    This is Luke Maow Bear.

    Micro vs Light Jigging are different setups.

    Micro we use 1000 sized reels with 3lb to 4lb line, or better known PE-n0thing. The PE 0.3 to 0.5 type line. I would stick to Fireline and not waste time with PE lines as they are way too fragile unless you pay top dollar for your line.

    Personally if you are fishing saltwater got with the Ballistic LT; despite not being a fan of the Magseal (which works, it's just me)

    The best way to choose what you want is to do a side by side comparison.

    Tatula LT
    New Smaller frame, body and housing
    ZAION Housing LT Concept- very light yet very strong 
    Machined Aluminum Alloy DIGIGEAR- smoothness and durability
    MAGSEALED-reduces water and debris from traveling down the shaft
    7-Bearing System 1-CRBB, 5-BB and 1BB
    Designed for  freshwater, inshore and offshore applications.

    Ballistic LT
    ZAION  LT Housing 
    Machined Aluminum Alloy DIGIGEAR
    7 Bearing System (1 CRBB+5BB+1BB)
    Gear Ratio - 6.2 : 1
    Sized from 1000 series to 4000 series


    Tatula LT

    Ballistic LT

  • asdasdking
    Seems like, ballistic would be better for saltwater condition?
  • FishingKaki.com
    Seems like, ballistic would be better for saltwater condition?
    ​I think that both are ok - however Ballistic is better for saltwater with the Magseal. 

    As long as you wash the Tatula (or any other reel) after saltwater use it is known to be ok.
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