Tsurinoya FS1000 vs Bossna MiniR 500

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FS1000 USD38 Aliexpress
MiniR500 USD60 K&T Fishing World

MiniR has slight comestic differences, slightly better finishing, more shallow spool. Even cranking feels exactly the same. Smooth but not butter like Japanese brands.

FS1000 comes with single felt washer. MiniR has a single carbontex washer. MiniR spool sits on the reel with a square spool support with bearings similar to ATC Valiant SW. FS1000 has the simple washer design but similar drag clicker.

Would I buy it again?
FS1000: At this price point, not that it is a bad reel but there are alternatives. A Daiwa Revros have butter like smooth cranking if you don't mind the heavier weight.

MiniR500: Top up a $10 can get Shimano Nasci or ATC Valiant. BUT at this price point the only alternative for shallow spool reel is Shimano Sedona 2000S, which I find the build quality lacking.

Bossna MiniR is very similar to Tsurinoya FS1000, with a shallower spool and upgraded drag performance.

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