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    Oh there is a shop now, cools congratulations. 
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    Oh there is a shop now, cools congratulations. 
    ​Thank you boss
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    The main reason anglers are shifting their gears to 13 Fishing in the recent years is due to the increase in value vs quality vs specification.

    In Asia / Global fishing aspect. Sometime a 5kg or 6kg drag is not enough. The kind of fishing that our reel is doing is more than just bass or seabass. Anglers start to recognise that Fishing is unique in every country, every river, every lake.

    13 Fishing has provide a significant upgrade to 22lb and 30lb drag. Best of all, it make sure that the quality of the material in the reel is able to handle such strong drag.

    The design have also attracted more anglers to give it a try. 100mm reel handle and a 50/100 size model pack with a spool that can handle 150yards full of 20lb braided line. This is like a dream come through.

    Providing the option of a full set of deel spool at only $44 and a trickshop modification to create your favourite colour at only couple of dollars. This is a steal compare to the big boys.

    Every year, 13 Fishing is coming out with new and more crazy innovation. This year we got the MONSTER CONCEPT A3 with 110mm handle and giant knobs and a deep spool that hold 300yards of 40lb braided with a 30lb drag and most importantly it has the smallest body compare to all it competitors and sit the lowest on your rod. Nevertheless, a free 60mm(120mm) power handle is given for jigging and bottom fishing to give better power and grip.

    Next year , the Concept Z will be coming. A full reel design with <ZERO BALL> BEARINGS. You will have the quietest and smoothest reel you can ever find. No more worries for bearing problem anymore. Let not talk too much into this since it will only arrived next year.

    We are & Redtackle Studio Proshop is the official distributor of 13 Fishing. We have provided repairs for our customers and part support for customer that have lose their springs during servicing etc. Your trouble of warranty support is not a nightmare anymore.

    Head down to Redtackle Studio Proshop Singapore and give it a touch and a try now!
    13 Fishing Singapore

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    * Promotion price applied with further discount

    - FREE 2 LURE - Buy 12 lures and pay for 10 + FREE CROSSFACTOR SNAPS

    - FREE 1 LURE - Buy 6 lures and pay for 5 only

    - $3 DISCOUNT - Buy 3 lures and get $3 OFF

    These flash sales will take place at the follow DATE/TIME at Redtackle Studio Proshop Singapore

    2nd October Tuesday - 730PM to 930PM
    4th October Thursday - 12PM to 2PM
    6th October Saturday - 4PM to 6PM
    7th October Sunday - 830PM to 10PM

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