Fishing Gears for Musandam

Hi All,  I am looking to join my fellow kaki for a trip up to Musandam for some Summer GTs early next year and will like to seek some advise on popping gear as I'm pretty new to this game.

Was wondering what the old bird in the popping game will recommend as i'm quite confuse with all the info available on the internet and I have zero experience in popping for big GT. 

What i have currently is Shimano Twinpower SW14000 which i have intention to use for popping and casting swimbaits. Did abit of research and narrowed down to Yamaga BlueReef GT78/8 and Carpenter Coral Viper PE 6-8. And for light casting, i have a CB One VFR PE 3-4 to pair with a Saragosa SW6000, No heavy jigging set-up.

Funding the trip cost itself has burn a hole in my pocket and thus I am not looking too much of fishing tackles, Probably rather 3 to 4 sets for this trip.

What I am Planning on bring:
1 set of popping rod for popping up to C Cup poppers and casting swimbaits.
1 set of light-casting set for lighter swimbaits. (Likely to be using my CB One setup)
1 set for heavy jigging. Should i go on PE 4 or 6 range? To be paired with Saragosa SW8000
1 set light jigging, Zerek light jerker PE 1-3 paired with Ocea Conquest 301HG

Really like to hear some inputs from the big boys who are into this game. Please advise. 


Confuse angler

  • ming83
    I think people must have told you that u need pe10 for this place.
  • ming83
    But u should do well with at least pe8. Rods-wise i would recommend either ripple fisher or carpenter. Buy the best so at least the resale value is high and u can depend on it. Hope that helps :)
  • monstrad

    with pe 8 -10 rod u are looking at max drag of approx. 15 kg at 45-60 degree to fight monster GT

    might have to sit on floor and pin rod to gimbal

    google morningtide fishing youtube channel, they have a few video regarding oman gt fishing

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