Kastking Mela 1000 and Fluorokote review

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Hand itchy was browsing online and ordered this China brand reel.

Despite the 10+1 bearing claims it was not smooth out of the box. Put some reel oil on, works better but still not the flawlessly smooth feeling you get on the better (more expensive) Japanese brand reels.

Weights around 207g with the line on. Comes with spare graphite spool which is lighter and for those paranoid about dust and water getting inside the honey comb aluminum spool.

300 yards fill up the spool with 4mm of lip to spare. I should have put a little bit of backing.

Besides the obscene meaning,  the name of the line is misleading. It is not fluorocarbon line but mono coated with fluorocarbon as claimed. I tested the line poundage, it will break at 3.96 lbs of weight. Will set drag at 2lbs.

The line is very thin, very hard to tie, very hard to see, must really strain my eyes. Will try out without using any leader on small 2g jighead and ajing lures to catch smallies.

Bought from manufacturer aliexpress e store. Total damage with shipping is 26 usd + 6.5 usd agar agar $46 SGD. For this type of price, have to manage expectations. 
  • Sadhappycry
    edited April 2017
    I recently brought a Sharky II from aliexpress as well. Feels smooth and cranking power is decent as well. Field tested it at orto and it manage to land the fishes quite well. For $43 i guess it might be a better reel to invest in. And I loaded it with their 15lb braid as well. Cheap and good
  • PatrickStar
    I am doing ultralight fishing. Would prefer size 1000 or smaller. Sharky is supposely waterproof, will be good for kayak fishos.
  • SportAngler
    You should compare to a same value reel in the market.
    I got his DMK for USD60. It was better than expectations for the value.

  • PatrickStar
    The FC coated mono line was ruined when I transfer the line to the graphite reel. The graphite reel broke down under the tension and the line feels damaged on the surface. Before that I was using the 4lb line alone without any leader to fish in legal fishing grounds. Couldn't wait for the replacement to be ordered, now the 1000 reel is using Suffix #2 6lbs FC.
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