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Hi, new here.

Attempted fishing when i was a kid and had bought some fishing gear. wasnt very successful then and gave up not long after.

Recently wanted to give it a try again, but was quite disappointed after 2 trips to lower seletar reservoir with no bite. Would like to get some tips on how to improve.

i have a baitcasting reel and a 5'6'' rod.

Can anyone advise where are the hotspots (preferably the side near jetty/mrt track), what lures (color, size, depth) to use, and other general tips (how fast to reel in, how to hold the rod, etc.)?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Hey bro, start with soft plastics, it's the best fishing finding lure. 

    Your rod is a tad short as I would advise a 6 ft rod and up, BUT, I used a 5'6 for the longest time. 

    I'd like to start you off with small lures, 50 and 60 MM and 2 to 2 1/2 inch soft plastics.

    Also explore Aji sized lures. 

    Can you check with Lure Haven and OJ Tackle for your needs? Tell them Luke sent you. Also give a budget. 

    Lure Haven: Leslie 
    OJ Tackle: Ben
  • PatrickStar
    I am kinda in the same situation as you. Started fishing when I was in my teens, but then even with toy quality tackle can easily land fish by the shore and there were many places and many fish. 

    Recently started fishing again as a family bonding activity, I realised the old methods of shoreline bottom fishing is not productive anymore. Switched to playing with lures on ultra light tackle and it was much more fun, even at those so-called already fished to death legal spots.

    Within this short time I am fishing, I learnt that timing is key to getting bites for freshwater fishing in legal spots. First light is the most productive followed by last light. If the water is not too turbid, the noon sun can help you spot fishes location.

  • monstrad

    u can try all legal reservoir spot, just cast parallel to bank. my top 3 fav is pandan, seletar(yishun dam), kranji

    the key is to work your lure slowly but this method is easy to sangkot

    so to minimise, use weightless soft lure or floating shallow diving hard minnow if u prefer hard lures

    a popular rig commonly seen is popper fly, its just a hookless popper/float with 1m line to fly, aka popping cork in America

    Instead of fly, I rig a size 2 j hook to 2 inch soft plastic. popping will create a commotion and attract fish then the fly/soft plastic will swim up and down as u work the popper

  • Darkzi0n
    i dunno why i cant start new discussion, so pumping my old thread to ask.

    Anyway, I have a baitcaster at home but thinking of buying a spinning reel and an accompanying rod, any recommendation?

    budget maybe $400 total.

    Thank you
  • panglim
    Hi DarkziOn, 
    I'll recommend the Shimano Stradic FL C3000XG. Lure Haven had one on its shelves going for $172 I think. It had Stella technology and its a reasonably light reel (lighter if it is 1000 size). The Stradic C+14 is lighter too but its a composite body instead of aluminium which may flex under load. For rods, I'll go with a two piece Shimano Zodias, especialy if you can find last the previous model.....but you might be able to get the new model but it's around $260+. Anything around 6ft 10 inches and longer. You end up with an all-round rod for fresh water and saltwater. You can use your BC for heavier topwater applications. Regards
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