Have anyone try shimano METANIUM MGL HG for micro jigging

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Hello all fres out there have anyone try befor using shimano METANIUM MGL HG for micro jigging.... 

Is it good for jigging or this reel is only for bait casting only.... 

Got the feeling of trying this reel for micro jigging.... see is it good enough anot... 

Any comments..... pls help thanks to all fres out there.... thanks u... 

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Yes you can use it for Micro Jigging. Just wash it out after that. No issue. 
  • xiaozhong83
    Okok... but is it good for micro jigging.... have u try using the reel to play micro jigging in singapore.. .... 
  • xiaozhong83
  • kohcc88
    For micro jig, you want to use spinning reels. Your weight will be around 10-40g. Using such light weights, you want less friction to release the line to touch bottom.
  • xiaozhong83
    I know spinning reel is the best for micro jigging.... but now a days all people is using bc reel for micro jigging already.... I am also using shimano chronarch Ci4 for micro jigging.... the jigs also can touch the ground in no time.... so is still the same... now I am asking if anyone here use befor shimano metanium for micro jigging is not that using what set up for micro jigging..... thanks for your feed back... 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Yes I have used it bro. I have done it with 10 gram Jigs. The Jig will go down slower (which you know) that's all. Just use a thinner line. 
  • xiaozhong83
    Hmm mm. ... okok thanks u lukemaowbear... n can I ask what is the pe line u use for that...n what brand is it... cos I have being using daiwa jbraid pe0.8 300m  n full load my bc reel... but the line sucks man..... keep breaking one lo.... omg man.... haha... so looking for better line also.... thanks u.... 
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