Low profile Baits casting reel vs drum type

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hi, can anyone advise, between the low profile baits casting reel and the drum type, which type has a better casting distance ?
 Considering both having the same set up in term of rod, braided line and lure weight etc...

  • Freakinfart
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    Very subjective when it comes to casting distance.

    If you ask me low profile generally cast further than drum type.. (experts correct me if im wrong). I'm using Ryoga and Aurora.

    Currently the world record for longest low profile cast is Shimano Anatres (once again expert correct me if im wrong) but that is for world record so everything like line, lure, rod, wind comes into consideration.

    For everything else.. abu amb tuned to the max.. bo lang can win them.. cast till like siao lang the distance.

    Now back to your question.. both having same rod, line etc.

    My vote goes to low profile reel for further casting distance. (with after market bearings can cast even further). Especially Daiwa T-Wing system.

  • Luke Maow Bear
    I think if you distill it down, if you took 10 BC's and 10 Drums and put them head to head you would end up with likely 7.5 of them doing better when they are low profile.

    I vote for low profile - it's easier to cast as a base reason.

  • nuvole
    It all depends on the casting weight, and expected catch weight.

    For pond fishing low profile reel will do better casting light lure, but then the Calcuttta conquest 50 which cast very well is "drum"

    For surfcasting, one would prefer non-level wind reel = drum

    For heavy weight jigging and trolling, the level wind is almost all the time first to break. Hence most will stick with drum.
  • monstrad

    casting distance depends on the brake setting and spool. no such thing as lowprofile or round profile cast better. e.g 2016shimano aldebaran bfs is a size 50 lowprofile baitcaster . 2017shimano Calcutta conquest bfs is a size 50  round profile baticaster. both have magnetic brake system and cast equally good for bfs lures

    the advantage of low profile is that they r easy to 'palm' aka easy to hold and tend to be lighter in weight with less line capacity

    for bass luring, professionals use round profile only for heavy swimbait application where they use straight pe5 flouro/mono and need size 300/400 round profile for line capacity

  • bocajnay
    Low profile BCs for my vote. Tried the Culcutta 200/100 2015 vs my LOw profile BCs still my Low profile BCs win. Tried fiddling many times with brake settings still same results. Also Low profile BCs are more comfortable fishing Long time. Maybe becos I got pixie hands. 
  • abfackeln
    Casting distance is a function of many things, spool mass, bearing smoothness, disengaging or non-disengaging levelwind or no levelwind, arbor height, spool diameter and width, braking systems, line shape, line mass, line texture, line diameter, line limpness, lure mass, lure shape, wind conditions, type of knot etc
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