Popping Lures and their Inner Connections

Luke Maow Bear
For about a week now the popular GT Popping Group has been talking about an interesting topic about how these big lures are actually wired. 

What stands out most is a lot of us think that such lures must be made out of bullet proof construction. Yes and No. 

Yes it is a screw that has a female opposing connection to this screw.

What it used to look like.

But that is not the only questionable connection, or is it? There is also the spiral wire wraps which we see all to often; which is rather impossible to fail as it's wrapped around a rivet and has a "spot" of glue (a lot of glue). 

But in the case of the Napalm it's thin lower body makes it a point of weakness which if you ask me comes with the territory. 

Other lures that do this are SS Lures, do you know any other lure that is connected this way? 


Sources: Andrea Desiderio, Simon Bomholt, Mark Harris, Courtland Babcock III, Marc Ong, Lures Only. 

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