Shimano Sienna Fe

is the new Shimano Sienna fe good? 
will it handle fish up to about 5-6kg?
Is it durable? (Able to last about 2-3yrs?)
I don't know which reel to get whether to get one about $100plus (maybe Daiwa bg sw or Shimano spheros) or the Sienna, as I only fish occasionally, hence I don't feel the need to spend so much money on it. But I'm scared of the longevity of the sienna.
**i usually fish inshore only, at most fish weight up to 5kg. (Mostly  <1kg)

which of the above reels should I get?
  • Romanion
    Sienna or daiwa Revros would be good. How long it can last depends on how well you take care of it. Do you wash it after using in SW conditions?

    as for how big a fish it can handle also depends on how you use it. Do you use really high drag? The shaft may bend with prolonged usage under high drag.

  • G30
    I wash and oil after very trip. 
    drag usually half or three quarter. But what I'm asking is if it can handle fish size of about 5kg?
  • G30
    Is Daiwa Revros about the same price as Sienna?
  • Romanion
    It depends on which size sienna you are looking at. I've used a super old 1000 size shimano aernos with 6lb braid previously for fishing at farmway3 for 10-15kg chao phraya catfish. Its just a matter of slowly fighting the fish. For wild fishes, just prevent it from going into snags...

    The revros is about $67-69 at Sincere. Sienna about $55?
  • G30
    Yes about there, but the Daiwa revros have quite a high gear ratio rite?
    I am looking at size 4000 for the Sienna.
    but it seems like the new version only got 1bb + 1rb which is kind of little.
  • Romanion
    The gear ratio for the revros is only 5.6:1. If you're looking at such a large size the for sienna, get the 3000 revros. It has 7bb+1rb, Quite a bit smoother than the sienna too.
  • G30
    It's suitable for bottom fishing? (With quite a high gear ratio)
  • Romanion
    If you want to crank in heavy sinkers, just lift and reel in when you are lowering the rod.
  • G30
    So you will recommmend me getting the revros over the Sienna?
  • FishHunter99
    Was Using a Sienna right now and its pretty smooth and good. However, a Revros would be better as 'you pay for what you get' . Revros has a stronger specs and interior. As for smoothness, both are kind of similar. With proper care, a Sienna can last up to 3-4 years. Hope it helps

  • SportAngler
    Actually if normal use it can last 20years. I still had reel dated over 20years and only cost me $20 back than.
  • G30
    Is the Revros worth its price?
  • Romanion
    Go and try reeling with both of them. The Revros is much smoother.
  • G30
    Ok thanks for the help!
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