Spool Maintenance


Hello FK,

Is it advisable to soak the whole spool in warm water after every fishing trip?

Can anyone advise if the drag washer needs to be grease before assembling back into the spool casing?

And also what other things to look out for spool maintenance.

Thanks in advance.

  • Romanion
    Do not soak the reel nor the spool into the water.  Water will get into your drag washers and your drag will become very jerky, leading to line breaking.

    Simply lock your drag and put the reel under a running tap  for awhile. If you are not using your reel for a long time, unspool your line and soak it in water for a day or two.

    Felt drag washers should be oiled. Carbontex can be run dry or greased. Running it dry would give you stronger drag pressure but a less smooth drag while greasing it will make it smooth but reducing your overall drag pressure.

    Personally when i'm doing a light servicing for my reels, i degrease every drag washer as well as the metal plates and regrease them with a thin layer of cal's drag grease. I then oil/grease the clicker at the bottom of the spool as well.
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