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Luke Maow Bear
FEED Pin 135 Popping - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

I am all for people getting into GT Popping and try to advise on the shortest path to get there as affordable as possible. This is a popper that is easy to use and light on the wallet.

Because generally don't use poppers that much (don't ask me why), I rarely look at things like Hammerheads or Craftbaits. Maybe I don't fish manly spots like Komodo or Oman or deep sea mountains in the middle of nowhere. No, I am a princess and I tend to like girls in Bikinis and head to the Maldives with Seagal :)

Today at Mandai casting range I happen to test out a FEED Pin 135 and holy crap that thing can pop.

I am a bit late to this popper as it has been around, but FEED does not get enough focus as some of us are caught up with our other more popular poppers.

A few things I liked about the popper.

It's Bite Sized

Some of the biggest GT's I have ever caught were on smaller sized popping lures, like the GT Harrier 105 Grams and SS Lure Glans, which are tiny little things; so I appreciate bite size big popping lures.

It's Light

With 135 Grams and clocking past 145 Grams when the split rings be Size 10 and Hooks Size 5/0 go on it's an all-day lure

Hook Size to Lure Size Ratio

I was surprised how big the hooks could be looking at the size of this little thing. I dare say it could carry 6/0 Hooks or toy with 9/0 Kudako at the back. Hook size is almost a feeling to me and sometimes following the designer's advice on the hook size is less of a science and more of a gut-feel.

Angle of the Cup

Depending what type of boobs you like . .  no wait let me try this again.

Depending what type of rod you are using, the angle of the cup is important as the more acute the angle is at the bottom or how severe the angle of the "rake" is the popper in accordance to it's weight and how it sits on the water will determine how easy it is to pop. 

Of course this is all a combination of:
  • Hook weight
  • How deep it's bum sits in the water
  • How fast the lure recovers to the top 
  • How stiff your rod is

A Swim Bait Rod Will Work

I remember now why I don't pop manly poppers, I am a cheap bastard and rather own 3 swim bait rods then have 1 popping rod and 2 swim bait rods. I rather use my swim bait rod to pull a small cup popper.

It Casts

It goes. No need to fine tune too much, it goes.

It's Not a Stupid Idiot Price

Paying an idiotic price on top of a Stella (Sorry I can't use a Daiwa I would spontaneously explode like a Note 7), Popping Rod, Line, Trip, Flight, Terminal Tackle and all the financial pain it comes with GT Popping, it's nice to have a respite of a lure that won't give you a seizure when you ask for the bill.


Hope this helps the newer GT Popping Anglers as they slowly venture into the upper echelon of fishing, I'd say pop 3 of these (pun intended), into your tackle box next to your Shimano OCEA swim baits.

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  • Luke Maow Bear
    FEED also has a Cone Popper which Daniel Yeow used in Bali and posted on our Groups.

    After living in Bali for 7 months, I would say that catching a GT here is as challenging as trying to get a toman from Singapore legal grounds. Fishing pressure is extremely high- baiting, popping, jigging, netting, spearfishing... Catch and release is also almost never practiced.

    Enjoy the fishing in Singapore, I know I miss it!

    My first 2 GTs from Bali on a Feed Cone popper, easy to cast and chug. Hopefully more to come.

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