Rod for Saltiga 5500h

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I have a Saltiga Expedition 5500h laying around and need a rod for it. Looking forward to target Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna and Bluefin Tuna. Normal size should be around 20-60 lb. Bluefin could go up to 200lb but it's not so likely and for that application I have a different setup already ( Saltiga 8000 + KLL UPL 75/45).
I'm a big carpenter fan so I am looking into a rod of them. 
Throwing lures would be smaller Stickbaits 60-90g( Smith Baby Rundoh, Shimano Orca..) up to Surface Iron (Tady lures) ~100g ..
Not sure which line I would use yet but I think JB hollow 60 or 80 lb.
You guys think I could pair it with a EP 86/40 or better choose a smaller/lighter one?
I know the 86/40 is strong maybe better suited with a 7000+ or Stella 18000 but most of the time I will get into smaller or mid size tuna. For yellowtail it is way over gunned I guess but that would be fine with me. 
Would get a nice casting distance with the longer rod too sometimes it's needed when I fish from a party boat. 
Other options I'm thinking about would be: BLC 83/40 (guess too heavy for 5500h too), BLC 80/35, TBL 80/40 (too heavy?), TBL 83/32

What carpenter would be your favorite to pair with it?
If you would have the ultimate rod for it buf not from Carpenter I'm open for other brands too, like Ripple Fisher, CB One, MC Works...

Lure: Stickbait 60-90g , Surface Iron ~100g
Target: Yellowtail/Kingfish , Tuna ~ 50lb+

Thanks for your help guys!
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