Shore Jigging to Shore Casting (Post on the Groups)

Luke Maow Bear

The rod is a MajorCraft Huntaway, it's a 4 to 5 year old rod; 8.6 ft Rod. My core fishing discipline if I had to have one it would be Shore Casting - a first love of mine. I have broken this rod before because I tried to crane a Toman out of weeds - so I bought another one.

From this I moved to Toman then Popping. We will talk about Popping another day, it's a bitch of a discipline and requires a reboot to everything you do.

I run a Shimano Stella 4000 XG with 8lbs (sometimes 6lbs of 300 Yards of Fireline or the old Power Pro. If you want to go into Shore Casting go XG, HG clips the high speed retrieval needed to pull in the pelagics like Queenfish or Mackerels.

: : You can never out retrieve a high speed fish, ever: :

My heavy Shore Casting rig is a Shimano Stella 5000 HG, it barely is fast enough for me but I make do with cranking faster. One day I will get an XG.

Shore Jigging and Shore Casting Rods are actually slightly different, the latter having a more parabolic (tends to curve in unison from butt to tip, like jigging rods); the lines are blurred though and if you ask me they have merged as Shore Casting and Shore Jigging are thought to have different needs have now somewhat fused; open for discussion.

8.6 ft length is the start of the "Shore", 7.6 ft tend to be Bay Rods. I used to own a 9.5 ft Shore Jigging Rod by Yamaga Blanks but I did not own a 10k Reel yet as it had some ridiculous casting max wt of 80 Grams but I was chucking 100 Gram Jigs a country mile but for some stupid reason I sold it; regret is deep and I would get that rod again in a heart beat.

Years upon years ago I started using the Pin Tail Tuned 1 oz and swore by it, I still do. IMA Guns and the legendary Yo-zuri Altima Spoon is a must have. Don't get the popular 1 1/2 oz confused with my 1 oz tiny tot. 

DUO's Spearhead Ryuki 70s, 70f (& MDF) and the Sasuke SF75 are my new ones to the arsenal. The Rozante got destroyed in the Maldives as well. Baitfish have very tight swimming action. Match the hatch and you hit the catch.

Change your hooks, the BKK's size 10's held like champs, so did the Daichi's, you choose. Owner, Decoy or what you like. Monitor your action; the faster you go the faster you lure over rides the heavier hooks, so you can get away with x3 to x4's in some cases.

I know a lot of you want to catch your first shore based game like Queenfish or even a GT. Start at 8.6 ft and get a Shimano 4000 XG of sorts and crank like a maniac. Don't be afraid to go 6lbs and drop your leader down to 16lbs.

I started with a 2500 sized reel and if you have one of those, ignore my fancy HG/XG talk and just real like a bat of hell. I have caught a Queen on a Shimano 1000 sized reel, but now there is the Stradic 1000 HG! And it worked like magic in the Maldives out fishing my fancy 4000 XG and it was used by a girl! (who lost my Rozantes and all my Ryukis; I smiled when I was asked how much they were)

Watch the water for shimmers and baitfish, look for tidal confluences, splashes or changes in water colour or just guess and cast all over the place until something goes boom. 

In the Maldives I got slammed at the drop offs and between open water and a reef. You don't need to pause, you will be pausing unknowingly as you lose your cadence on the retrieve which will impart a micro pause so don't get funky.

If you want to shore cast, concentrate on it, keep your soft plastics at home unless you are darting and keep your Aji stuff firmly away if not you are going to lose focus.

Keep Casting,
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