SERVICING — ABU Revo BigShooter WM60L


[Please unsee the pink Snoopy sandals on my feet. They Aren't Mine]

I simply couldn’t offer any reason why I keep making pre-order reservations for ABU Garcia Revo reels. The marketing material posted on website described this as a large capacity, high speed, low-profile bait casting reel for every big game!! The terminology in itself sounded suspect — low-profile, bait casting reels can never be associated with big game fishing; and added to that, my disappointment with the finishing on my Revo STX and Revo LTZ AE-74 Racing, I asked myself if I had made a wise decision to buy this reel, when the Daiwa Lexa and Shimano Tranx are readily available…

So after a long wait till November 2015, a package from Naturum Japan dropped onto my lap and in it was this ABU Revo BigShooter WM60 reel. Oh what joy! It’s just in time for a trip to Borneo for Black Bass, spooled up with 50lb Power Pro and fixed to a Dear Monster MX-∞ Rod. But alas, that was not to be. At that time, the worst forest fires ever recorded had blanketed the region with a suffocating haze. With flights getting in and out of the small Bornean domestic airport becoming unreliable, we thought it better to cancel our trip. Such are the best laid out plans of man, to be mercilessly overruled by nature, or was that the result of man’s greed… But I digress....

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