Blaze Burn stickbaits tryout session

Calling all GT anglers and stickbait lovers! Do come down to Upper Seletar Reservoir legal fishing ground on Sunday June 5, from 8am to 11am to have a go at Blaze Burn lures. We will have a small number of Carpenter and Ripple Fisher setups to test with but we strongly urge anglers to come armed with their own setups as the feel of casting and working lures is entirely personal and we want you to have the best possible experience with Blaze Burn!

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Hello there, is there any other information on these swim baits? Like how were they designed and what's the design concept.

    Thanks for community invite.
  • Xcross
    edited May 2016
    Hello Luke,

    thanks for your queries. Blaze Burn lures are hand-crafted wooden lures designed to address the needs of GT and large pelagic anglers and go where few GT lures have dared to go. No effort has been spared in making the lures with durable timber, top quality Japanese swivels and stainless steel through-wire construction.

    The lures are the handiwork of avid and renowned GT angler Topper Puntawong who has sought to identify and solve certain bugbears of GT anglers when it comes to the lures and terminals.

    Buoyancy - Blaze Burn lures are extremely buoyant which allow them to be fished with bigger than usual trebles for that weight class without losing the intended action. For example the 120gm easily takes size 6/0 GT Recorders and the size 160gm has size 7/0 GT Recorders and Decoy 10/0 for breakfast. No more messing around with lighter drags for fear of opening smaller trebles on smaller-profile lures if you choose to go high-drag. 

    Versatility - The buoyancy and balance of the lures allow them to be worked in the classic long sweep, short stabs and walk-the dog actions.

    Tough - the lures are hand detailed and air brushed with high grade acrylic paints and finished in extremely hard clear protective coating making them highly resistant to the toothy-buggers out there, the lures will go a long way during a trip and then some.

    For more info, pls visit:

    We look forward to meeting the community this Sunday.


  • toppuntawong
    Luke, thanks for the interest. Lure was design about two years ago and have prove itself all over the world from Maldives, Oman, Panama, US and Australia. We also have Mark Harris as one of our field test. Lure was design with Gt angler in mind but we do see them work great for Tuna as well.
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