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I have a Calcutta 801F - want to buy a rod - I have a few in mind - with budget

Zen Zagan PE 2-4

Major Craft slow draw PE 1.5 - 3

Adajo PE 2

Expert Graphite hammer PE 2.5

which one to buy ? thanks a million in advance

  • Luke Maow Bear
    edited May 2016
    Major Craft Slow Draw goto Lure Haven and tell them Luke sent you and to take care of you. They are a site sponsor and advise you on other types of rods there.

    Same with OJ Tackle, they are site sponsor as well, look for Beng or Alvin they have a new bunch of Slow Fall rods to choose from and checkout the metal witch which you can find there.

    Zen Zagan: Budget and new to slow fall
    Major Craft: Light and easy to use
    Adajo: Cant' comment
    Expert Graphite Hammer: This is the powerhouse of the lot as it is true jigging rod, the manly type

  • ngiap
    thanks a million bro
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