Jigs (shape, color, weight) for rompin's ebek

Hi Kakis,
I need your input on jigs for rompin;s ebek.
What shape, color & weight is more effective? How should I work the jig (short or long stroker or ? ) ?

Thank you in advance
  • Rainbowfish
    Now now still ebek season? 
  • setanmerah
    Any kakis can share their knowledge on ebek fishing?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    You need flutter jigs like an IMA Gun or even the Asari Cast Fighting. Make sure to put a feather or streamer on the hook; buy them ready made, they take on the drop or the jig up. You don't need to jig at speed, just jig jig jig jig with your feather tailed hook and flutter jig.

    Try Green and Silver.
  • setanmerah
    Luke, Thank you for sharing
  • Rainbowfish
    Shimano colt sniper looks good. Saw from Shimano SEA video at YouTube . They tested in Pekan and kelantan.
  • sharkbait
    Try Senses 40g and below.

    Only 2 color i that believed in.

    Green and chrome sliver
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