Tenya weight/size for Rompin/Pekan area

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Tenya style of fishing...

May I seek some advise for Tenya weights n Size use in Rompin / Pekan area? Line rods etc :blush: 

Thank you !

  • marzin

    Hi Season Tenya anglers,
    Any estimation on Tenya weights? for rompin area ?
    Thanks a lot !
  • mamy113
    You can recommend a nice simple check.

  • dreamfishing
    Hi, i tried 60 grams at rompin before. I think it's where the boatman spot is. The ones I went the tenya was drifting away but still managed to hook up some fishes. Make sure u have around 150 to 200 m in ur spool. Red works best for me over there. 
    Just stock up 60 n 80 gms tenya n prepare to donate few to the sea. 
    To have piece of mind bring 10. 
    I donated 4 n left with 6.
    Hope it helps.

  • Bangsome
    @dreamfishing any recommendations where to get cheap tenya and madais? (In Singapore)
  • anikuntao
    I tried diff brands but i think Mike Tenya ( lida ) is quite good. For tenya its usually around $3 to $3.50. 
    I bought some from Mike and some off Gina Shop coz i prefer 2 diff size of Main hook. 
    As for Madai, few mths back i saw joe tackle having disc in front of the cashier so u might check them out as well.
  • marzin
    Thank you dreamfishing :)
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