Looking for Freelance Fishing Instructors

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We are looking for out-going and cheerful avid anglers with a passion to teach to be our freelance instructors.

You will start as a trainee instructor and follow senior instructors to assist in conducting our Beginner Angler's Course. After you know the syllabus well and are able to conduct the course independently, you will be promoted to instructor and handle the class by yourself.

You will also be assigned to conduct other higher level courses when you are more senior, which are held overseas in countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia. Our instructors have the opportunity to go onto our fishing trips either as a guide for our students or just simply as an instructors'/ friends' gathering.

We are a big family of passionate anglers who like to educate new anglers on proper fishing techniques and habits to ensure that the future of fishing is sustainable.

There are many possibilities and opportunities for you to turn your passion into your career. Our allowance for trainee instructors starts from $10 per hour and it will be adjusted according to your abilities and responsibilities. If you share these common passion and goals as us, drop me a message at 90037485 with your email address and we will get back to you shortly.

Usual working hours 830am to 530pm (typically on weekends)
Age requirement: above 21 years old.
At least 2 years of fishing experience is required.
Able to to communicate well in English (the course is conducted in English)
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