Certate 2016

May i check any brothers here had tried this range of new certate? Played ard with one in a shop.. Build was pretty impressive.. And feedback and comparison with twinpower will be gd.
  • Michael Lim
    I have both the Twinpower C3000 as well as the Daiwa Certate 3012H

    Both are smooth in use, though I have yet to test the Certate out properly yet.

    Specs wise,

    11 Twinpower 3000C : weight 250gm, drag (3.5kg practical/9kg max), line cap (PE1.5 270m), retrieve speed (76cm per rev), gear ratio 5.2 : 1

    16 Certate 3012H : weight 270gm, drag (7kg max), line cap (PE1.5 200m), retrieve speed (95 cm per rev), gear ratio 5.6 : 1

    So although the TP has a bigger line cap, it has a smaller spool diameter and a deeper spool which actually gives it poorer cranking speed. The Certate will get the line in much faster with the bigger spool. And while it is 20gms heavier than the TP, it actually feels more balanced to me, probably with the larger body and spread instead of the compact body which the TP has.

    Will test it out more in later stages to give more feedback.
  • sins666
    Greatly appreciate your detailed write up. Looking forward to more information after more testing at ur end.
  • Steve71
    Don't trust what the specs say totally. I can only load 200m of PE1.5 into a C3000 spool. Based on personal experience, Daiwa is more accurate with their line cap spec compared to Shimano. Also, the TP C3000 is not the size in direct comparison with a Daiwa 3000 (3012) size. A Shimano 4000 size reel is a more direct comparison with a Daiwa 3000. Cheers!
  • Devilzken
    I spool ex8 pe 1.5 300m. It's actually depend on the line.
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