Quick fix for silent drags mc gyver style

So my awa shima morbid reel's drag clicker broke while I was fishing and my lack of ability to gauge drag after the incident cost me 2 fish.
If you're like me, hopelessly reliant on drag clickers and your reel's clicker is damaged, you can try this fix using some aluminium.
I saw a video on youtube where a guy used a filler gauge but I didn't have any lying around
I got my piece of aluminium from a drink can. Cut a piece from the top of the can. Chose it because it was tougher than the aluminium at the body of the can.
It's a quick fix and it sounds legit but it does look pretty crude.
So if your reel uses one of those medieval clicker technology, here's a quick fix if you need one.

Yeah, I didnt align the holes all too well. but mehh... the fish wont know the difference
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Hahaha drag clickers and washers are all the rage now! Love what you did here man.
  • jenius90210
    @LukeMaowBear hahaha thanks man! :)
  • extractor
    Maybe some day, some one will invent a micro size battery operated sensor loud speaker to mount below the spool?

    It can get super loud and announce to the whole world you have a FISH ON...

    That would make a ton of money! Hahaha!!!
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