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The Drifters
Saw a few underhead reels at a tackle shop. Anyone can tell its good and bad ?
  • Michael Lim
    You mean the overhead type reels which are given a longer foot and used with spinning rods? Generally, I would say that it's an idea but the weak area would be the foot of the reel. Also as it is facing down, you can't see the line clearly and thumbing or adding additional pressure would be difficult.

    Personally, I'd avoid it.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    edited March 2016
    @"Michael Lim" I think he means this, the JM series of reels.

    Personally to me Jigging Master is a has been, with the advent of the Ocea Jiggers there is absolutely no need to purchase Jigging Master any more. We have gone past China made copies that cost just as much a Japanese made reel.

    Yes JM, we know about the double docking thing you had to deal with.

    Personally, I'd avoid it too.

  • Devilzken
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  • Devilzken
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    Chk out the modded underhand reel
  • Devilzken

    Accurate mutant gt reel
  • extractor
    It is a Genius idea! Possibly a money making one too... But a pointless and redundant invention.

    Casting this is as good as casting a normal overhead reel, might as well just use a regular overhead reel ya? People prefer spinning is bcos its much easier to cast and minus the Char Bee Hoon problems.

    The speed of dropping a jig is way faster with spinning, inertia resistance on the spool makes it alot slower going down thus missing the spot if the fishes are right below, by the time you reach bottom, its gonna be far away with the water current... Keke....

    For strength and durability, the smaller overhead guides mounted facing up is still stronger.

    Me 3 says save your money...

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