Advice on Jigging Rig

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Whats the best rig set up for Jigging in Changi Area?
  • sharkbait
    IMO, micro jig to slow fall.

    I was doing slowfall with 40g KOIKA. Until I got really bored and start high pitching.

    Lok jiak Lok jiak moment of the trip when we hit a school of snapper. They don't fancy our live prawn. All landed on jig. 20g- 40g flutter jig.

    Got to be real patience when it comes to jigging in local. Keep jigging! Dont give into baiting temptation! :-D

    Alternatively, look for Fishing on IT'S Gr-R-Reat. Mr. jimmy is your ideal local changi guide for slow fall, micro jigging and tenyaaaaaa :-D
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