Jigging Master Light Jigging Rods

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Hey all,
We've noticed a lot of discussion concerning recommendations for light jigging rods. We've tested a lot of jigging rods and Jigging Master is easily one of the biggest bang for your buck. The rods are incredibly light, well-designed, powerful, and affordable. The Jigging Master Saber Game for example is rated for 50-120g jigs, and can take on 10KG of drag! The rod cost $161.
At the medium-price range, the Jigging Master Ocean Devil is rated for 60-150g jigs, and can take on 18KG of max drag!! Here's a nice bendo photo:

Without a doubt, these rods are much better than your off the shelf rods designed by Shimano, Daiwa, star rods, and any other company that does not specialize in jigging.

For more info, check out Jigging Master's website. We offer these products on our website FXG International at a 5% discount, just shoot us an email for international shipping

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