baitcast reel drag question

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If i use my thumb to press on the spool to get more drag when fighting a big fish ,like i press on the spool really hard to pull the fish bck.
Is that hurt anything for the reel ? Like damage the gear or the spool ?
  • sharkbait
    YES! IT will definitely damage the reel.

    I once 2 thumb my Shimano Scorpion to drag RTC out of it's cover. End of the fishing my whole reel require to overhaul.
  • extractor
    it really depends.... thumbing the spool on overhead reels puts stress of the spool shaft but it does not put additional stress on the gears nor drag... unless your spool shaft cant take it den it might bend...

    if the spool shaft bends den it might also damage your gears...

    where as for spinning reels is different, if you hold the spool to stop the fish... your spool shaft and rotor might give way
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    i using zillion tws 9.1 , i bought this year feb and after i use 3 month at farmway or pasir ris pond my reel suddenly feel like hard to retrieve , it still under warranty so i bring it bck to shop and they send it to factory , after 2 month i still cant get my reel bck and after 3 month the boss call me and ask some question said the daiwa would like to know the answer

    1st how big the fish u ever land for this reel before? (10-15kg)

    2nd how many test pound line u using ? (15 pound)

    3rd fishing offshore or inshore most ? ( inshore )

    and the boss told me my reel hv to send bck to JAPAN coz malaysia nowhere can repair it , omg after 3 month wait and now hv to wait AGAIN , after 2 month again finally its bck , so i go chk my reel c what the prob , all i can see is my reel and a plastic bag inside hv 1 main gear ,1 pinion gear , bearing return from factory .
    what happen with my gear ?? wat i remember is once i use the reel at farmway hookup a cpc and i tighten my drag and realise the drag really not smooth at all like whole reel vibrating in my hand ,end up fighting the cpc almost 50min , before all of this i nvr place my thumb on spool , so i hv to know how i damage my gear before i do it again ,issit the drag too high keep working for 50min that make it burst?

    btw i check on the main gear,pinion gear, bearing all seem good ,cant tell what happen on it .
    pls somebody tell what happen
    sharkbait" said:
    YES! IT will definitely damage the reel.

    I once 2 thumb my Shimano Scorpion to drag RTC out of it's cover. End of the fishing my whole reel require to overhaul.

    overhaul like any thing need replace ? and issit press it so hard on spool ? i nvr press on spool before lol
    still waiting for hlp :(
  • extractor
    Daiwa has already overhauled the reel for you by changing the Main and Pinion Gears under warranty... Unless you still think you need to change the Level Wind Worm Gear... other than that there should be nothing else...

    From the way i look at it, there is no surprise that you damaged / stripped your gears...

    The higher your gear ratio, the more stress you will put on the Gears when fighting a fish... (Imagine driving off your car on 5th gear from stationary...) That would put a massive amount of stress on the gears. I can imagine your Pinion Gear to be super tiny for a 9:1 ratio...

    Coupled with the fact that your drag is JERKY... Put together with extreme high stress = Damaged gears...

    Given that this is a top end reel, Daiwa should have designed it strong enuff to take the stress provided the drag is smoooth...

    Deal with the jerky drag next, upgrade to Carbontex slopped with Cal Grease or equivalent good grease.

    All manufactures will make their products look very good on paper so that it will sell... Take it with a pinch of salt... :lol:

    Think about it... A Saltiga is 300% bigger than the zillion... It should generate 300% more drag... make sense??? But it doesn't... It only generates at most 40% more drag despite being 300% larger... :mrgreen:

    Their advertised drag KG means ABSOLUTE BRAKING POWER... NOT fighting the fish with 6kg of drags with line going out at top speed... Back down the drag abit next time... if you still cant tame that monster... time to get a bigger reel. ;)
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