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Hi all..after servicing my tatula..e anti reverse will give way sometimes..e spool n handle will turn e opposite direction especially when i strike a fish..or it may just randomly occur when i high pitch my rod. How do i solve this? E anti reverse still looks good though..could it have been that i oiled e anti reverse assembly?
  • Devilzken
    Omg NV oil the anti reverse. It cause it to slip. Suggest u take out and use tissue to clean the anti till dry. The metal ring also need wipe dry.
  • clyde
    Hmm..quite hard to bone dry..wd40 can do e trick? Or do i need to use atas n hard to find stuff like reel x to get e grease off?
  • Devilzken
    No no dun make tings worst by spraying stuff in. Jus take tissue paper roll and insert into the bearimg amd turn and turn till u see tat no more oil. Little traces of oil is ok. The metal ring clean it amd the shaft too
    Then reassemble and test see the anti got engage or still slip. If still slip might have to change the bearing
  • extractor
    Take out the whole anti reverse bearings, if the main body of ARB is stuck den just remove the clip and take out the plastic cage and the rollers only.

    Wipe inside of main body with tissue then the SS rollers and plastic cage with zippo fuel, let it dry and reassemble back USING ONLY CORROSION X as lubricant.... DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPES OF LUBRICANTS...

    Make sure the other lubricants inside the reel does not seep into the ARB over time or the same slipping issue will happen again. Use thicker viscosity grease on the gears to prevent seepage.
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