Jigging for NZ King Fish ( Advice needed )

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Hi kakis,

Need some advice on jigging for king fish in NZ.

1) for O/H reel, is High Gear or low Gear preferred ( 6:1 vs 4:1 ) for jigging in
deep water 80m to 150m

Any other tips pertaining to jigging for kings in NZ, particularly in Ranfurly Bank are
most welcome.

Thanks a lot
  • Staphylococcus
    Was there 5 years ago.

    Big seas n waves. At night anchor near some "protected" area where swells are not so strong.

    300-600g jigs for yellowtail kingfish, hapuka. Big giants!

    2-drag O/H reels would be suitable plus big spinners >10000 size type.
  • dhappyfish
    Hi Glen,

    Thanks a lot for sharing, greatly appreciated.

    You have a very comprehensive blog on yr fishing trips,
    very well written and I really enjoy reading them.
  • ming83
    That time i went i seem to get more hits on high gear; was using 6.1 gear ratio.

    Also the captain will tell u what depth to drop yr jigs to; so either use line with interval markings or count. That time we fished mostly 60-80m. But at the grouper spots may drop to >300m so have at least 400m of line.

    Bring a good set of waterproof jacket and pants as u might be fishing in the rain and cold.

    Bring a topwater casting setup also. PE8

    Good pair of gloves and belt.

    Kingfish damn strong!
  • dhappyfish
    Hi ming83,

    Thanks for sharing your tips on catching the kings too.
    Especially the part on using a high speed set-up as
    i am torn between getting the low-gear or high-gear set-up.
    Now, i am more inclined to getting the latter as i have also just
    picked up slow-fall jigging.

    Jigging at the depth of 300m is insane, i now totally agree with some
    recommendations why a reel with large line capacity is needed.
  • bigsplash
    bring alot of yokoyoko/counterpain/deep heat/whatever your poison..haha
    unless u lift bricks for a living, jigging 300-500g a day is painful :)

    hi/low speed is up to u-

    for spin, PG is easier due to the higher cranking power,
    a miss pitch/crank can still allow u to work the jig somewhat-

    OH should not have this problem, so Hi speed should be fine-

    NZL is an amazing fishing grounds...been there twice and got to experience what it really means "lo jiak lo jiak". I'm sure u would have loads of fun!
  • dhappyfish
    Yes, heard so much about fishing for the kings there and my kakis and
    I are really looking forward to the trip in 3 month's time.

    Time to lift some dump-bell and tone the muscle.
  • ming83
    Not all the time jig at 300m. Only at grouper spots. 90% of the time will jig at 60-80m :)
  • dhappyfish
    Thanks for the clarification. That helps.
  • Ebb Tide John
    Hi - I have fished NZ 5 times now, personally I find at depth that a moderately geared reel is better for your longevity, you can always wind faster :lol: but its so much more comfortable at depth with heavy jigs in my opinion, the fish do not seem to mind.
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