Micro Jigging Advice Needed

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Hi all,could any of you advise me on where is suitable for a beginner like me to start micro jigging,I do not have any prior experience in jigging as well as recommend me a PE 1 micro jigging rod around the $100 and below price range.How many jigs should I buy as a start and what varieties and diffent weight jigs should I get,maybe tenya as well(have a PE 1 rod ideal jig weight 40-60 grams for that purpose).Thanks in advance. :)
  • Strider
    hi, u could see if your existing rod is sensitive enough first. if it is can be used instead of buying a new rod. i have seen ppl do micro jig on kaiser ebek delight which is a pe 1 rod although i personally find it stiffer for micro jig.

    i have not use this, but storm looks around your budget. u might like to check around on it.

    as for jigs. i tend to go for cheaper but effective ones like ocean attitude micro jigs like the bullet 7g or 20g shrimp jig from kaiser. do get a good hook set, like gama that is sharp and durable.

    it is said true micro is usually below 20g. but frankly sometimes the current is stronger so 30g can be used. when catching fish, be a bit more flexible. if 30g is too much u can switch to your tenya.

    get about 5 of each first if you like. some colours are good for different fish. strange. ask the shop u buy. u do loose micro. sometimes sangot but quite a few times is bara, tengirri and todak.

    in spore if u use micro, careful of sangot spot near the rocks.

    i found it effective as a fishing tool hitting small and larger fish too and many variety. do have a good reel too.make sure ur pe line is thin so you can feel and the jig sinks faster. a sinking line is better so that the jig can sink faster and less drag from current.

    in larger fish, it will take line. lots of fun.

    hope u have lots of fun.
  • Elliott
    Hi Strider,thanks for your help,will probably get a storm micro jigger or the gomoku keiryo,the reel i will be pairing it with will be the nasci c2000 and will load pe 1 power pro z,I have a salt bay solunar pe 1 given to me by my uncle which has an ideal jig weight of 40-60 grams so i was worried that it might not be sensetive enough but should be just nice for tenya maybe,where do you recommend i start micro jigging,probably where the currents are less for me to learn how to work and control the jigs first.Thanks
  • Strider
    hi, i find pe 1 line too thick. maybe try 0.6 to 0.8 pe.

    i went with pe 0.8 at the moment. power pro z is quite smooth. if u like smoother ones, and sort of repels the water, i like unitaka from kaiser.

    before u buy, test the sensitivity against ur uncle's gift. if its about there, u can use ur uncle's rod and save money. its hard just to compare from manufacturer's specs. u must like the feel of it. of course u can use two rods for two different purposes. i do that all the time. my kakis scold me for bringing a lot of rods on board. but i get sea sick if i do too much changing and tying so no choice. i am using interestingly a pe 0.4 rod but up to 80g jig weight for micro jig.

    micro jig anywhere will lower current. dead current is not ideal although can still catch but slow current is ideal. maybe even less than 1knot per hr.0.8 knots is nice.

    i have microjig in spore. kbl, puffer, trevally (benang? sorry can't spell), mj, selar, ack, grouper caught before.

    in rompin, pekan, i have microjig, grouper, spanish flag, threadfin, tengirri, red grouper, bara, todak, bonito, selar, kerisi, etc caught.

    my boat man has caught big fish over in rompin. chermin, benang, cobia too with micro jig.

    the reason is that the jig simulates a small prawn or anchovie. its like hanging some potato chips in front of the fish vs a steak.

    in australia, i tried, caught a puffer on foul hook, but nothing at the river.

    in thailand, i tried, zero catch. current strong perhaps.

    some places, fish is on diet la. haha

    for action, really depends. some just play along bottom, some u must jig, for e.g. imagun when i dun jig, i catch or got bitten off by tengiri on the fall. i m not that good at imagun. i see friends catch on fast jig and medium fast. for shrimp n bullet very useful tapping along the bottom.

    there are so many ways. if current not for u, try other style otherwise layang a lot and the jig can't go bottom.

    there are many experts out there. i guess they will chip in. i am just a user no expert.
  • Elliott
    Oh I see, I think I might try the power pro z pe 0.6 it's rated at 10 lbs I suppose that's decent for a jigging line? Where in our local waters have slow current like you mentioned, Changi?? What leader should I use, and what method should I attach the jig to my leader?
  • Strider
    I guess u can use that
    I pref 15 lb if possible or even higher but thinest must be there, o.8. Higher than ur reel drag is good cos if fish pull at least ur drag takes over n ur main line wont break. Otherwise u will be doing lots of tying on board.

    On leader two school of thought. First school use higher poundage. The most i go to is 20 lb fc for abrasion resistance.

    Second school use lower poundage than main line. So if u sangot, u loose jig but dont break mainline. I found this effective for tenya n starting to embrace this thinking.

    How do u join....main line pr knot, fg knot to leader to barrel swivel to split ring to jig. In v sangot place leader direct to jig or split ring. No swivel. This is to precent the jig from spinning n catching roots, corals, whatever.

    Hope it helps.
  • Strider
    Oh yes changi.jurong side near rocks can also, southern behind island also can.

    Between reel i use daiwa size 2500 equiv. I started with 2000, drag cudnt make it. Maybe was reel. Full drag lock, small fish also took line. Heeee.
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