Daiwa 4000 reel, rod to match

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Am so used to the reel of Daiwa 2500-3500 size, cos been fishing in local and Malaysia water mostly. Planning a further jigging trip. Some back ground of the fishing game.
Fishing depth about 60-130m.
Jig to use about 80-170g
Line about PE 2-3
Reel should be a Daiwa 4000 class. A Catalina or Saltiga 4000?
Any recommendation for a jigging rod to match?
  • nelsonlimjinwei
    Can I ask what is the PE rating for the rod you are using?

    If you are using a PE1-3 rod, a size 3000-3500 reel would be just nice.

    A PE1.5-4 rod I would paid with a Size 4000 reel.

    As for the model, depends on how deep your pocket is.

    I am using a 4000 Catalina paired with a PE1-3 rod. The reel is a little on the bigger side when paired with the rod but i like the spare line and extra drag that comes with it.

    Just my 2cents worth.

    Hope this helps.
  • sharkymachine
    Thanks Nelson
    Am looking at a PE1.5-4 or Pe2-4 rod, any good recommendations? 8)
  • nelsonlimjinwei

    There are many good rods out there. Why not look around the tackle shops. Anyway its a another thing to talk about, too many to mention. lol
  • sinnergy88
    GAWAS Benzaro or Major Craft Crostage are good to pair with 4k reel
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