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Hi I have heard mixed reviews from different people. Some say for 150g to 250g jig weight, you should use 63/2. Some others say 63/1. I would like to hear from you guys.
  • eyowfk
    either one also can.. but better to go with 63/2
  • Ahho
    The max jig I use on 63/2 is 200g to 230g and 63/1 max at 160g.

    It depend on how deep is the water. Cheers.
  • Fusion79
    It depends on the condition u are fishing in...im using 63/2 with pe1.5 line playing 130g-160g standard setting (200g soft setting) on a free drifting boat. A 62/4 for 230g-300g with pe2 line standard setting on a free drifting boat.

    Most impt is it matches the condition u r fishing.

    1) how many meter water to often play?
    2) boat free drifting?
    3) weight of ur jigs u often use?

    If u want a more vertsatile i would suggest a 62/3 standard setting for that rod is 160g. Can play 120g at strong setting all the way till about 230g at soft setting no problem
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