Morethan 3000 or twin sw4000pg

edited July 2015 in Jigging & Popping
Hello all, i want to ask some opinion, i just buy a new rod for some light-medium jigging. Its tenryu hlj61s-m gonna pair it with new reel, which one is more suitable, shimano twinpower sw4000pg or morethan branzino 3000. Gonna use it with pe braid size 1.5 or 2. And using jig around 60-120 gram. I want to pair it with a new saltiga 4000 but i think its kinda overkill for the rod.
I already have 2 more light rod, for the light/micro. Its tenryu hlj64b-fl pair with zillion pe special and tenryu oceania oc581s-1 pair with caldia 3000.

Any advise? I never use those reel so i seek some information. Thx a lot before. Sorry for my bad english.
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