Advise on perth samson jigging

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Hello everybody,

I need some serious advise regarding samson jigging at Perth. I will be heading for Perth during the November period for samson season.

I did a bit of research but yet to find out what is the tackle minimal requirement for samson jigging.

This is what i intend to bring:
- JM Ocean Devil MH PE4-8 + 13 STELLA 8K PG (Spare JM monster spool)
- Williamson Sopranoz PE3-5 + OJ 2k NRPG

Not sure what to expect. But i heard the shark will be an issue.

Any kaki with experience willing to share and advise accordingly?

Thank you! :-D
  • blowie
    I think with 8k and 2k u will have a high risk of being sharked...its better to respect the fish and fish heavier.
  • mully
    Sharks are a really big issue.
    and u can't wind the samsons in fast enough as the sharks have learnt to associate the arrival of the boat with hooked fish. So they will wait till u hook up. And then attack.
    lost a fair number of fish and jigs. All thanks to the sharks.
    never went back to try after 1st trip.

    If I were u, nz sounds like better alternative. From what i read, Kingfish fight harder and also less sharks.
  • sharkbait
    Thanks for the advise!

    Seems like i have only two options to work with

    1) Sell and buy heavier tackle #-o

    2) Buy more Jigs! Prepare for Jaws!

  • Fish Fingers
    Yes. Prepare for jaws. I went there a couple of years ago in January. Fished for 2 days, could not land a single fish!

    Tackle used: JM 3 Kings PE5-10 paired with Alutecnos Gorilla 12C. PE8 Jap braid.

    Lost almost every single jig I brought. Have a strong suspicion the sharks took the jigs directly. Either that or they were bloody big sambos. Even the captain and deckie couldn't land them and were left scratching their heads.

    I've heard of them being landed on lighter gear, but apparently there are just some days that are ridiculous. Be prepared with the heavy guns, and go to the gym first.
  • chelsea
    millls charters are good they provide all equipment
    im also going there in late october where the season begins
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