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Highly regarded jigging tackle brand Jigstar – based in New Zealand will be releasing a brand new range of Jigging Rods to Singapore shore. Get yourself equip with the finest quality jigging rods for your big game fishing expeditions. Design and produce by New Zealand’s jigging legend Chris Wong, get yourself ready to lay your hands on the finest jigging rods in the world.

There will be five ranges of rods being released –the flagship model Katana Nano, the Ninja Overhead, the Ninja Spin, radical spiral guide Twisted Sista and newest member of the family, the Slow Jerk.

Both Katana and Ninjas are based on high quality Japanese Toray blanks and generally follow the previous range in terms of understated “stealth” colour schemes.
The Katana and both Ninja models is 5’2? in length and both styles come in three “weight” ratings: L (Light), ML (Medium Light), and MH (Medium Heavy). Lately Chris Wong has developed a Ninja UL (Ultra Light) rating which is available for both the Overhead and spinning models.

The new range are designed to better withstand rod “shock loading” and “high sticking”, which is good news as traditional high quality carbon rods are notorious for not liking anything other that being handled with kids-gloves.

Jigstar are promoting these rods as being the lightest Jigstar’s ever and are easier on the body to jig for longer periods with less impact on the fisherman. Both are medium/fast taper rods with an overall Parabolic profile & have a faster taper design than the previous Jigstar range. They are also designed to carry a wider range of jig weights:
UL: approx. 100 gram Jig weight
L: approx. 200 gram Jig weight
ML: approx. 300 gram Jig weight
MH: approx. 400 gram Jig weight

The Ninja is aimed at the “value” end of the market, yet still has all the features of the a specialist jigging rod. It is built on a Fuji reel seat and has ALPS guides.

The Katana Nano is the premium jigging rod in the range & it is designed to perform as good as any high end rod from any manufacturer around the world. This rod features new nano technology, and comes with a Fuji reel seat and Fuji MNSG guides.

The Twisted Sista rod is an innovative "ACID" or 'SPIRAL" design which draws on the inherent advantages of both OVERHEAD and SPIN rods. This design alleviates damaging blank twist associated with overhead rods and allows the blank to develop its maximum power potential and design characteristics. These rods have remarkable power and resilience as a result of its carefully tapered NANO blank with a perfect acid guide flow. Bend the Twisted Sista to its' max and all will become evident. This rod uses Fuji PSS, PLS palming reel seats with WEBO Silicon Carbide "K" guides and gun smoke frames.
The rod is part Pearl and part natural "burled" graphite finish with an exclusive Silver/White sleeve between the rear grips and reel seat extender. A feature of all Jig Star rods is the lack of under binding only between the guide feet. This reduces "dead spots" caused by excessive binding along the blank freeing the blank to extol all its' characteristic virtues and power.

The Jigstar Slow Jerk 603-2 is designed to be true to the ideal Japanese specialist Slow Pitch Jigging rod. Comparable to the best, this rod has similar characteristics, behavior and strength to the best specialist rods built from the Land of the Rising Sun. At 142g weight, this rod has perfect balance and movement in the tip to work lighter Slow Pitch Jigs effectively matched with mid-section confidence and butt section power. An ultra-light work of precision and art.

Adding to the range of Jigstar’s range of jigging rods are the finest quality terminal tackles and fishing accessories. From split & solid rings, PE lines to assist hooks, be sure that you will not miss out on your prize catch. The tackles are design to increase your success rates as Jigstar never compromise on its quality.

Be sure not to miss out on Jigstar’s very own grommets system. These are a Jigstar innovation.!!
The leader can be safely tied or crimped around the protective grommet without fear of leader knots failing. Usually knots fail because heavy pressure causes leader material to elongate, reducing diameter and strength at the assist hook terminal ring. The grommet protects the leader from hard edged rings and the larger diameter reduces the tendency for the leader to cut itself off at the small gauge solid ring. It also ensures free movement giving more attractive jig action and presentation.
The new Grommet with Dual Solid ring set provides the best connection point for Leader, Kevlar Assist Cord and Split Ring to a jig.
the Leader is tied to the grommet on the large solid ring, and the Assist Cord is tied directly onto the large solid ring.

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