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Michael Lim
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Bought this some time back online thru a fren

Tested it out on small fishes and it works pretty well. Both a small Bartail Flathead (which used the serrated edge) and a Javelin Grunter which used the normal edge.

Managed to turn these 2 fishes

into this

I tried this tool on bigger fishes

And got them cleaned up pretty nicely.

As shown in their demo videos, it is just simply pushing against the scales and allowing them to gather easily onto the tool. The larger the scales, the easier and more convenient it is to gather into a bunch to throw away.

Really 2 thumbs up.

Videos in the site explain how it's used.

New update

Angler's Outfitter does have this scaler in stock.  Check with them.
  • fishholz
    Bro where to buy? I wanna get 1
  • lockbag
    Hi bro, where to buy this?
  • Michael Lim
    I got this online, but they only ship within Japan. You'll need to get arrangements for re-shipping back to SG.

    My fren helped me get it. 8)
  • lockbag
    Thanks micheal, does it work as well as advertised? (Eg. The scale does come off easily and collects onto the scaler.)
  • Michael Lim
    lockbag" said:
    Thanks michael, does it work as well as advertised? (Eg. The scale does come off easily and collects onto the scaler.)
    Quite well.... almost 90% are collected on the tool, and only when I use the serated edge to scrape the part under the spines, do some scales fly out (I wasn't using it according to instruction though, I was supposed to use the non serated part but go lazy and try to work around...)

    Push, scales collect, lift up and remove those scales and repeat. If you follow this instruction, it is faultless...
  • Michael Lim
    Scaling - YouTube

    Added a short video recently. Hope it can show how well it does the job. 8)
    FYI, it's selling in one of the tackle shop in spore. About $30++
  • denimart
    Hi which tackle shop is selling this? Thanks
  • roltancc
    I'm interested to get one if it is selling in local tackle shop. Can you share which tackle shop sell this tool? Thanks!
    the place is at beach road. Anglers Outfitter. Sorry for the late reply..... It's a very good tools .
  • roltancc
    Ok thanks mate!
  • fishholz
    Cant find leh. Think out of stock liao
  • ezfishz
    One KM mall have at Hako 3rd floor. Bought mine there when I walk passed and saw a cube selling. Think left 3 or 4 pieces. Good luck!
  • Staphylococcus
    Any update on the availability of this product in local tackle shops?

  • Romanion
    Anglers Hut has them.
  • fishingkris
    I like this scaling tool also - did i list of the tools i like here: https://fishingkris.com/9-best-fish-scaler/
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