rod to go with Stella SW6000HG

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Hello poppers,

Looking for a rod to pair with Stella 6000HG..

Intended use I would say 60 pct of the time for casting pintails due to nature of my trips, other 40 pct for light popping usage..

Anyone used more than one of the below and can feedback/comment accordignly ? Would greatly appreciate!

Looking between the following :

Evergreen Poseidon Ocean Hunter POHS 7'0 or 7'7
FCL Labo Ultimate Cast 70H
Yamaga Blue Sniper 77/3
Yamaga Blue Sniper 70/3
Ripple Aquila 72 or 76

Ready availability of rod also a factor to consider.....

Many thanks in advance for advice..

:) :)
  • aweiboon
    Kaiser light cast.. Test, proven and affordable..
  • SportAngler
    aweiboon" said:
    Kaiser light cast.. Test, proven and affordable..
    This get my vote too. Among my Kakis we have 5 of this rod.
  • eyowfk
    With that reel.... Go for PE4 rod please...
  • benscorpio99
    Pe4 to Pe6 rods maybe?
  • eyowfk
    Looking at the spec of the reel.. Pe2 abt 300m Pe4 abt 200m..
    looking at those model u shared difficult..

    Normally, the line we use 1 size smaller than the rod. Eg Pe4 rod match with Pe3 line..
    So with this spec, better to go with pe4. Of cause u can go with pe4-6 rod but will not be able to utilize the but strength of the rod
  • eyowfk

    Can try with this pe4-6 if you want
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