popping in similan island

elton teo
edited July 2015 in Jigging & Popping
Any one been there for popping recently. Heard that there is Huge GT over there. Planning to go there. Your reply is appreciated.
  • ckjh
    From what I know about that place, its more on jigging and bottom fishing. It is not really known for popping. Somehow, its good to explore and give it a try.
  • toppuntawong
    Big GT in certain time of year but the problem isn't the size of the fish but the area is protected. It is illegal to do any fishing there but there are still boats that do go there and fish.
  • elton teo
    Thanks for the reply.
  • SportAngler
    From what I know you can't fish within 1.5 nautical mile within Similan.
    They will go to some sea mount area to fish. Water are deep so not for popping I guess.

    Was about to book a trip there few years back but cancel and just go Jarak.
  • elton teo
    Thanks for the information.
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