Pure Popping trip

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Hey Guys,

Some questions to discuss again in a seemingly dead topic in the forum.

How many of you do pure popping trips?
Meaning no jigging and baiting.

What is a comfortable weight to cast and why do you choose that weight range?
  • dhappyfish
    I don't do pure popping, but would like to try if there is such trip.

    I am sure there are people here who are hardcore, doing pure popping only
    who might like to share their experience.

    As for poppers weight choice, i usually stick to 100g-130g . That is the
    comfortable weight rage i can handle. It really depends on individual
    how fit they are , the gear set-up, fishing from big vessel or small boat etc.
  • ckjh
    I have been doing quite a lot of pure popping trips. be it light cast to heavy popping. Casting from 60g stickbaits to 200 g gamma stickbaits. And 90-150 poppers.
    160 will be my best comfortable weight for stickbait.
    Did 200g but its tiring to work for whole day.
    any of you bros believe in the big lure, big fish theory?
    Personally, I do not. But one thing that makes me use big lures. Is the bounency of the lures with big hookS. Some places just need to use at least a 7/0 treble
  • benscorpio99
    Seems like not much ppl doing pure popping trips.

    As for me 120-140g would be the most comfortable for casting whole day.
  • Strattos
    I also enjoy pure popping trips. Mainly using stickbaits up to max 120g. Let me know if there are any interesting popping trips coming up... :D
  • Luke Maow Bear
    I rather pure popping trips, my last 2 were like that.
  • benscorpio99
    Luke Maow Bear" said:
    I rather pure popping trips, my last 2 were like that.
    So like what weight do you normally use?
  • Andrewmj
    I would prefer pure popping trips also but somtimes we will still do some light/medium jigging if the fishes are not bitting during the sun is hot in the middle of the day

  • hahayrdead
    Hi all,
    I am interested to go popping for GT but never been to one.
    Can anyone share with me details on how to book one, where to go, cost, setup and all I need to go on such a trip?

    So that I can start saving to achieve this dream! Hahaha!

    Thanks in advance
  • benscorpio99
    I am going to pekan in sept for popping mainly GT but will try sail if GT is not biting the first day .
    Anyone interested to join me?
  • Strattos
    Jubilee reef? :)
  • benscorpio99
    Strattos" said:
    Jubilee reef? :)
    Not sure what's the name of the reef.
    But I guess there is only one reef to go.
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