MAINTENANCE - Salt-X testing part 3

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After a night’s efforts, fishing on the East Johor Straits, sleepy and red-eyed before my shot of caffeine, I was disappointed to find I've used up all my pre diluted Salt-X. Oh well, I thought, now is as good a time to prove/disprove the theory that if I rinsed my gear thoroughly enough, the salt will be displaced and all would be well. So instead of taking out the syringe to mix up a batch of Salt-X, I rinsed my used lures in warm running tap water. Drained the bucket, rinsed them a second time. Drained the bucket again, and refilled with warm water, left them aside and tended to my bath.

The result put my thoughts to rest.

MAINTENANCE – Salt-X testing part 3 | Gasping Gurami
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