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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a PE 3-5 rod, possibly to match with a Saltiga 4500H. I'm thinking of:

1. Gipang Tide Lez 67H
2. Kaiser Lightcast
3. Smith KGS70MH

Anyone knows where i can check out these rods in Singapore? I'm going to Rompin in May. Hoping to have this setup with 40lbs. Light popping. I've got a Stella C3000 14 with Posidedon Spin Jerker 2 PE, but i think this setup probably won't be enough.

Please advise bros!
  • Irkiere

    Please also advise if this setup is reasonably good enough for Rompin.
  • Steve71
    Frankly, the rods you mentioned won't be a good fit for the reel size. If you must use the 4500 size, then rods one class higher (PE5 to 6) will be more suitable. Those rods you mentioned will fit a Daiwa 4000 size reel better.

    Are you chasing Sails? Then the rods mentioned and a 4000 Daiwa reel running PE3 or 4 lines will be perfect for some fun!

    If you want to play it safer and aim to land the sails faster, then use a PE 5 to 6 rated rod paired with your Saltiga 4500.

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