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Daniel :D
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Hi guys, recently saw some posts and reviews of using the Saragosa for popping GT, was considering using mine for popping instead of getting a Stella or Twinpower. What do you guys think?
  • ckjh
    If you are talking about the new saragosa Sw. They have a lot in common with the stellas and twinpowers. The major difference is the number of bearings in the reel. Which affects the smoothness of the reel (very important for heavy popping)

    Drag wise. They pack about the same power with the higher grade reels. Which can also be upgraded with 3rd party drag washers.

    Overall i can say it's similar as going at 100km/h with a van and luxury car. Both will be able to get you there.
    Just that one is build better to go at that speed than the other.

    If you are doing full drag lock popping, my advice, go for at least a twinpower.
    Tight lines
  • setanmerah
    ckjh" said:
    Which affects the smoothness of the reel (very important for heavy popping)
    Care to elaborate more. What is benefit of reel smoothness for popping?
  • ckjh
    setanmerah" said:
    [quote="ckjh"] Which affects the smoothness of the reel (very important for heavy popping)
    Care to elaborate more. What is benefit of reel smoothness for popping?[/quote]

    It applies to every type of fishing. Just that this is a popping section, I emphasis on popping. Heavy refers to pe6 and up.

    This following is an explanation by The Sydney Marine Man. It is very clear.

    In short they reduce friction between moving parts, helping keep your reel moving freely and nice and smoth under loads created from your drag and winding.
    Let's say you had 2 of the EXACT SAME reels but 1 was a 2 ball bearing reel and the other a 5. If you spun them both freely at the same time and speed then let go, the 5 ball bearing reel should spin longer than the one with 2. Also the 5 ball bearing reel should be smoother than the 2 under the same drag load. Lastly as the same reel, if both were constantly winding you would expect the 2 ball bearing reel to give in first as more friction and heat is created by the moving parts due to having less.
    So then how many do I need in my reel you ask? Well I advisee people if you dont really fish much then a 2-3 ball bearing reel would suite but for the person fishing a bit or for larger fish then go 5+ to help with life span/wear.
    Lastly the amount of ball bearing in a reel does NOT always reflect quality of build but more so how smooth it should be and even the best reels will stop working right if not looked after well.
    The Sydney Marine Man
  • Boardbill
    All of us knows with more bearings on the reel the smoother the reels gets.
    Why a smooth reel for popping?

    Most popping reel are high speed reel which has a higher gear ratio. Problem with high speed reels are they lack of torque. Example: a heavy startup during crank.
    With the lack of torque it's harder to crank back your popper when your popper is too slow and ended up tow behind the boat when you casting on a moving boat.
    It's harder to gain line when u hook up a good fish. Even harder for people who don't use rod to fight or lift fish as they crank directly by pointing rod towards the fish pull and crank.
    It's harder to gain line for both cases and this wear out the angler during popping.

    New models reels has a better balance between speed and torque. Thru time reel designer use other parts to balance out the speed and torque issues. Example: longer handle for more power, bigger rotor for power...

    Popping and jigging are tough sports. We are only looking for ways to make our fishing easier thru better tackles.
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