Popping in Maldives - 29 Nov to 7 Dec 2014

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Hi all,

It's been a very long time since I've posted in FK and a noob when it comes to popping. This trip was planned over one and a half years and I had no idea what I was getting myself into :shock: . But I figured I had to try it at least once in my life time. :D

During the preparation stage, I had to build up on my fishing gears, so sold off some of my bottom fishing gears. I manage to buy Stellas 8k and 14k. I also got a Gipang and FCL Labo rod. Next stage to was to learn how to pop, so got a fishing kaki to teach me. Initially I was casting about 40m so I practised every weekend until I managed to cast on average between 60m to 65m. However I felt that my technique was still not good enough as my goal was to reach 70m!

And of course the 'poison' :mrgreen: didn't stop there as had to get stickbaits and chuggers. My personal preference were the stickbaits as it was easier on the arms.

A friend from a local fishing shop had asked us to test some of his rods that he was bringing in and I must say that it light and great for casting and if you guys are into Carpenter rod, this is just as good =D> :supz: . I will be among the first to buy this rod!

Now about the trip, we were fishing on board the Nooraanee 2 which consisted of the skipper, a cook and 3 deckies. All were very professional and very helpful. All 6 rooms is fully aircon with attached bathrooms. A total of 5 people but only 3 anglers as we brought our wives along. So the 3 of us had enough space to cast at the bow.

When we arrived we were told that the sea was fairy calm, good for the wives for not for us anglers as the GTs were fairly sluggish. In total I managed to catch 4 GTs, a bluefin travelly, and while jigging, a small white tip shark and a few groupers.

And yes I am now hooked on popping but as my work takes me overseas, not sure if I make it for next year! I will be headed off to South Sudan in a couple of days and I am wondering if I will be working near the White Nile, heard there are some pretty big Nile Perch in the area.

Well that's it, hope you enjoy the video and yes I am the Kancheong spider! :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fishing in Maldives - 29 Nov to 7 Dec 2014 - YouTube
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