WTK: Cost of boat ownership in Singapore

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Dear kakis n fellow boat owners, am thinking of owning a boat in the near future but can't seem to find much infos of the cost of ownership. Can anyone kindly share some infos on the above? Thx you
  • infinityex
    I have ever thought about it.

    The cost of berthing a small boat (PPCDL type, Fisherman 20dx) per month at punggol marina (dry berthing) is about $300 - $400. Wet-berthing may be cheaper to keep your boat in the water but you will have to do maintenance to clear barnacles. Most yacht clubs also require membership to berth your boat there so you have to pay those fees.

    The fuel is quite expensive - a small round trip to ubin and back on a tiny boat can cost maybe $50 - 100? If your boat breaks down somewhere, you will have to pay for it to be towed back to the yacht club. If you hit a rock, repairs are going to cost quite a bit. Lost anchor can also be another few hundred.

    After thinking about it, I decided to save the money and just go on fishing trips instead. But it can be very rewarding. I hope someone else can give you more info! :lol:
  • SportAngler
    No forgetting that after each trip your kaki gone back, you still have to wash your boat.
    End up, I also give up the idea.
  • infinityex
    Ya lor. And your fishing areas are limited. If it's a small boat berthed at Punggol you will have to go to the ubin/punggol areas like Uncle Dave. Keppel marina / RSYC you get to go to the southern islands.

    If you are berthed at SAF yacht club Tanah Merah you will have to fish east coast and the deep waters off Changi Naval Base with strong currents. I tried anchoring there with the small boat anchor before - bad idea could not touch bottom then had to pull it up again. After a while you may get very sick of the same areas.

    A big boat is a different story but it will drain your money even more unless you run it as a charter. That's why I just sign up for trips with SportAngler now. :lol:
  • 1.5bar
    Due to the proximity n costing, RSYC seems to be the best option. I was having the impression that one can engage the helper at the dry stacker to give e boat a wash before storing them? Also, for the maintaince of engine, what's the better brand for outboards? Type of fuel n the recommended hours for routine servicings?
  • fantasticfour
    Expensive! But highly addictive....... :mrgreen:
  • rellik28
    U got to like boating more than fishing... If u just wanna fish, go on fishing charters is more practical. But having the freedom to go where and when ever u like is quite priceless. But it's best if u know some mechanical stuff unless u r loaded and have a deckhand onboard.
    Costs of Boat ownership is hard to tell you without details of what boat? length? place of storage and usage.

    Cheers mate
    Hi Kaki,bought this low cost boat on sep 2014 will go fishing on fab 2015 since 18 years back.
  • fantasticfour
    That is cool!! Free parking
  • fantasticfour
    Tats cool. Free berthing. Care to share hw u register, transponder n launch places?
    Hi Kaki,$4200 for all cost of boat $970+Tohatsu 5hp 2s $1445+ portable Transponder $630 they reg AIS for you +boat insurance $187+ MPA reg $58.30 +PVC trolley+ live buoy +live vest+Anchor +fire extinguisher +handfare +Garmin 350c fish finder all included is $4200,i'm going to launching at Elias park,hope more kaki come to joint boating.
    For The Transpoder look like this lenght 15 inc

  • Teck8585
    Hi atcsg r u heli lim ?
    Ah Teck you drive your boat out for fishing already give me some fishing spot?? #-o
  • Teck8585
    Haha your boat still haven't touch Water har
  • rexy7005
    Dear All,

    Boating need not be expensive if you know how to manage it....my best advise is as follows:

    1) Speak to the right people....the perception amongst most people is that boating is expensive.
    2) Get the right boat... know the boat that suits you. Inboard, Outboard...newer boats vs older etc.
    3) Do your homework...Make sure you know what you are going into.

    Look out for a new boating community where you can ask all the questions related to boating coming your way...Stay tuned.
  • assampedasvvv
    Started boating early this year. Bought the boat for family outing and fishing. Knowing a few boating kakis have made boating more fun. Chat with us and can give some good advice.
  • yolonewbie
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    Just bought a small boat aka sampan to be
    berthed at safyc. Can the experienced kakis here share your experience in registering your boat with MPA and passing the MPA inspection? Pls feel free to PM. Much appreciated.
  • ilyabol
    ATCSG said:
    Hi Kaki,$4200 for all cost of boat $970+Tohatsu 5hp 2s $1445+ portable Transponder $630 they reg AIS for you +boat insurance $187+ MPA reg $58.30 +PVC trolley+ live buoy +live vest+Anchor +fire extinguisher +handfare +Garmin 350c fish finder all included is $4200,i'm going to launching at Elias park,hope more kaki come to joint boating.
    ​Hi, kinda new here, but after reading the Singapore MPA regulation, I've reached a dead end regarding inflatable vessels.  10-12ft dinghies such as the Achilles and Zodiac soft bottom inflatables (not RIB) are not kayaks and not canoes, so would need a SZ registration.  These make great fishing boats (in other countries), since they are super light and only need about 10-15hp to really get moving.  

    Issue 1: MPA states that you must berth all registered boats at a marina, boat-hotel, etc.  Is there a reason for this? The type of boat I am talking about deflates and fits in the boot of a car.  Are any of you keeping an inflatable at home?  Would that constitute breaking the law?  

    Issue 2: I see a motorized dinghy hanging on tons of relatively small pleasure craft (not just the big yachts) in Singapore.  Does that mean they pay registration on two boats, and insurance on 2 boats, etc?

    General question 1: is a motorized kayak or canoe legal to 'berth/store' at home?  

    General question 2: perhaps I don't understand the law.  Is it in place to prevent too many people getting  in the way of shipping vessels?

    I am not trying to expose anyone for flying under the radar, these are genuine questions.  I have space for a deflated pleasure boat and a 15hp motor  at my house but that doesn't seem to be enough... 

    Cheapest marina membership in sg at the moment is $3888 to start, and about $400 per month for dry berth/monthly dues. 

    Any feedback at all would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys!


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