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Hi kakis,

I will be going to Tokyo this week and am thinking of visiting the tackle shops there. Does anyone know if tackles eg shimano or daiwa is cheaper there. Anything else that I can buy there that is not available or cheaper than the tackle shops here?

RC fishing: Tackle Stores in Tokyo. Part 1: Shibuya

Many thanks!
  • bocajnay
    Hi bro I've been to the shops listed in the blog entry. The biggest and most well stocked store is jumbo where they have 4 levels, each dedicated to either saltwater or freshwater or fly.
    Prices are cheaper than sg due to exchange rate and lack of in house warranty.
    Jumbo has everything u want however the last time I was there they do not have tax rebate for foreigners. Same for most tackle shops.
    Tackle berry has 2nd hand reels, rods and lures etc. Worth visiting cos there are always good buys if u look hard enuff. I bought an early Stella there for about 150 sgd in 9.5/10 condition.
    They speak very little English so it's good to use Google translate and save all it translates to show them if they don't understand u.
    Lastly, the train system in Japan is notoriously complex. U have to follow the directions to the T to get out at the right exit. If not I'll be walking around in circles trying to find the place.
    Oh and bring ur rod tube too if u wanna get rods. They only have the cardboard ones which I always think isn't any good enuff protection for check in.
    Good luck and good buys!
  • bocajnay
    Jumbo has a member loyalty program which u earn points to offset next purchase. U can ask them for it if u want.
    If u need someone with basic English at jumbo u can ask for Kazu-san. Not sure if he still is at that outlet but hope this helps!
  • ifishicookieat
    This is so useful! bookmarked for future reference!
  • KaEN
    Also remember to visit Sansui fishing tackle shop when you are around Shibuya. There is 4 Sansui shops around, each selling tackles for different type of fishing. Just go to any shop and tell them what you are looking for, they will direct you to the right shop. All are walking distance away.
  • deengaya
    Good and useful info there!!
  • SGFisherman
    If you are looking for Shimano slippers, they are ready cheap!

    Check this site for their shops;

    Berry Park タックルベリープロデュース トラウト管理釣り場
    - つり具の上州屋 - あなたのフィッシング&アウトドアライフをサポート - (aka Jumbo)

    They are normally pretty close to each other, even outside Shibuya.
  • strike
    Wow thanks for the info and suggestions! Great info for the rest too. :)
  • ifishicookieat
    Bumping this thread up to the top...

    Anyway just went recently? Can share their updates?
  • SGFisherman

    If you guys have chance outside Tokyo, the stuff are cheaper and some shops are really huge, like half a football field block.

    In tokyo, johshuya @ Shibuya is big.
  • FishingKaki.com
    Here's a consolidated list of a tackle shops in Shibuya, Tokyo from the RC Fishing Blog.

    How to get to Shibuya

    It depends on when you are staying but the best way to get to Shibuya is with the Yamanote Line. Just take the green train from one of the stations and get off directly at the Shibuya stop.
    Once you are in Shibuya you just have to get out of the West Exit and from there all the fishing stores will be easy to reach on foot.

    Johshuya JUMBO

    Johshuya is located just south of Shibuya station. Take the west exit, once you are out of the station go south, pass the pedestrian bridge and you will see the big JUMBO written on the building. Go off the bridge and take the elevator at the entrance of the building. The 2nd floor is all about lures, 3rd floor is bait fishing and 4th floor is gear/clothes/buckets/bags/rain gear etc.


    The famous 2nd hand shop Tackle Berry is just 50 meters from Jumbo. Walk 50 meters more and you will see the sign on the left. It is located on the 3rd floor (3F). It is a big one floor shop with some interesting second hand lures.


    Sansui is on a main street and right side of the sidewalk.

    All the three shops are in within 8 minutes walking distance. In one stop you can almost find everything you are looking for.
  • armydaze
    Time to convince my wife to go tokyo. Wahahahahahaha
  • strike
    Yes u should as I convinced my wife to go. There's a shopping mall across Jumbo fishing shop. U can tell your wife to relax at the tully coffee place there (the pumpkin latte is superb!) or a daiso on the upper floors. Ask her to relax there whilst you go on your tackle shopping adventure! I did that to my wife and no complaints for me. haha!! Good luck. :D
  • ratinacage
    Just an update.
    Both Johshuya JUMBO and Tackleberry on the same stretch of road is closed permanently. 
    As well as all shops along that street, looks like a major construction is gonna happen there. wasted my trip there.

  • soonkiat
    Hi shifu... Going okniawa next week , like to know any tackle shop I can visit.. 
  • Ngah
    Just an update.
    Both Johshuya JUMBO and Tackleberry on the same stretch of road is closed permanently. 
    As well as all shops along that street, looks like a major construction is gonna happen there. wasted my trip there.

    ​So where else can we go if the above are now closed ?
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