berkley pocket lip grip

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hey, guys any one bought the new pocket lip grip n tried it b4??? hows the review.
  • Reluctant Hero
    Simply Sucks!

    The design of the jaw ain't strong enough to hold the fish. The jaws are so flimsy that it couldn't even hold a 2kg dead fish securely.

    Save a bit more for Boga or Rapala.
  • Ah Gu
    wah! haven't you been asking the same question in the other forums as well? still not satisfied with those answers?
  • Aaron
    There a review about it at the Singapore luring forum.The proboard one

    Try to push the knob up to ensure the grip is tightly lock.
  • mKim
    Noting beats the Boga grip.

    Though a bit expensive, but its worth every cent. Had mine for four years...not even a single speck of rust on it till today after so many trips. Even if its scratched, the interior is of the same metal material.
    Unlike many other, once the coating is scraped off or scratched, rusting starts very fast even if you wahsed it.

  • lh_nerd
    icic but now broke already... haha... so cannot buy boga.... so wazzup man nv see u in beach road lei.... n the guy whose lures all got lightning one.stilweel
  • stilweel
    Can't agreed more. Save up money to get a boga grip. It's worth every cent.
  • lh_nerd
    okie... hmm... i will consider.... thanks bro...
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