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  • XBunsoyX
    Today's Catch Report

    Bad day. 10 misses and 2 snagged lures to unknown-unseen structure.
  • XBunsoyX
    Hello everyone!

    Me and my close fishingkakis have decided to form a permanent formidable team that consists of 4 members:

    Me, Nasmer
    Junhao Iris(C.Junhao)

    Our team name is " Team FG Singapore ". The word ' FG ' comes from the word Fishing Generation where we want to show that sportsfishing should be known more among the various generations. We guarantee quality fishing related posts on our Facebook! Saltwater and freshwater catches alike! Like our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/teamfgsingapore . If you still can't find, search ' Team FG Singapore ' on Facebook! Definitely hit up the search results.

    Thank you
    Team FG Singapore
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Congratulation on your Team FG.

    This is indeed the next generation of anglers that are embarking on the next 6 years; each cycle last about that long :)

    All the best for Team FG!
  • XBunsoyX
    Catch report 31/07/2014

    Actually wanted to go to Pasir Ris Main Pond at Pasir Ris Town Park. I reached at 745pm and it was packed like a can of sardines in the morning peak hours in the MRT train. :X

    can't even move an inch. Some even brought like 5 rods so I had no choice, went to go other place to have a 'feel of free fishing' too haha.

    And this is what I caught

    Seen others caught KBLs at this spot but I didn't get any. Only got this flathead(?). Well, a bad day but a catch is a catch.
  • XBunsoyX
    As the title says it all, a sian day.

    The next 2 pictures will tell u everything about today's story . . .

  • sgbdk
    Lol congrat on your newly setup team... love to see the younger generation having closely knitted bond with one another.

    Hope to see you all around and do watch out for each other :)
  • XBunsoyX
    @luke and @sgbdk

    Thank you! No matter how much flaming, criticism we get. we will always be humble and move on! It is expected. We just love fishing! All of us from since young starting for baiting at saltwater to luring at freshwater and next time who knows.

    We will continue FishingKaki from the sidelines and hope the best endeavors to you all too!

  • XBunsoyX
    Catch report 02/08/2014

    It was not a really productive fishing session. Went bashing deep into the forest and i lost 2 forest size 3 bar jungle temensis on my Duo Micro Lure. Well, soon afterwards, I accidentally dropped it into the water while changing lures, tried searching around the waterbed for 30 minutes to find it but to no avail $17 gone

    Luckily at least got fish, big or small. These 2 made my day

  • XBunsoyX
    Catch report 03/08/2014

    When we thought it was not going to be a good day due to the hot and humid weather, there were quite a number of takes and bites and misses with some landed!
    Tackles used
    Rods: Alpine Udang Stick 246, Storm Keiryo GoMoKu Green PE 0.4-1, Storm Trickster 4-10lbs
    Reels: Daiwa Long Cast, Abu Garcia Revo S, Shimano Scorpion
    Line: 15lbs braided tomman, 6lbs Berkley's Nano-Fill, 20lbs Suffix Powerline
    Leader: 12lbs & 20lbs
    Lures: Rapala Rattlin, Self-Tied fly by Bunsoy, Rapala Thunderstick, Zerek Crank, Self Modified Spinner Jig.

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  • XBunsoyX
    Not mine but my fishing teammate, Brian, of TeamFGSingapore with a nice catch today on the DUO Vibe!!

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  • XBunsoyX
    Have been receiving many messages lately.


    Well, I am not a professional myself so I am just going to talk through my own experience.

    jerkbaits can come in many types and sizes.

    Minnows, Micros, Big small lures...


    One example is the DUO Jerkbait, DUO Ryuki Spearhead, Maria Jerker and even IMA Sasuke Survivor which can be jerked like a jerkbait eventhough its considered a slow-sinking pencil that flutters on the drop.

    A method ..

    For me, different locations need different timings and pauses of the twitches.

    1) Twitch-Twitch-Pause-Twitch-Pause-Twitch-Twitch
    2) Twitch-Twitch-Twitch-Twitch-Twitch-Twitch

    For rubbers, I recommend the Storm Rubber shads.. Their swmming action is the best for me.
    A normal retrieve usually does the job. If you are in open brackish water, jigging along the bottom with short-fast jigs or play more depth with long-slow jigs. !

    Any questions just message me :)
  • Hedonist
    any reviews on the storm trickster , 4-10 lbs ?

    looking to get one once stocks are replenished
  • XBunsoyX
    Hedonist" said:
    any reviews on the storm trickster , 4-10 lbs ?

    looking to get one once stocks are replenished

    For the specs, details and description you can just find on google online.

    So I'll just give you some of my personal and kaki reviews.

    It's my fishing teammate's rod, not mine.

    I tried using it.

    Casting: 9.5/10 ( It's casting distance is underrated for its price. Valued )
    Retrieval: 8.5/10 ( Retrieval wise I don't like that much but I am comparing it to my own setup and my personal views. My kaki likes his rod. )
    Backbone: 9/10 ( Solid )
    Sensitivity: 9/10 ( You always feel like you are fighting a 4lb fish ( actual weight: 1lb ) :lol: :lol: )

    In my opinion, I think it is worth a buy for $95 with specs like this.

    It all depends on your style of fishing.
    For me, I love finesse fishing, challenging my skills when fighting big game fish.

    Hope this helps you bro ^_^
  • XBunsoyX
    edited August 2014
    Well a week late in posting.

    A little lazy to post.

    Now got le feel to post.

    Because I learnt something new today. . .

    First light 1hour luring on solo mission!

    Few peacock bass, with some temensis that never took a picture of, and a catfish!

    All on DUO Realis Popper 64.

    But now, maybe some know, some might be puzzle how can a cat fish take topwater lures.

    Well, that is what I just learnt! They do take topwater lures just that maybe this catfish was so hungry.
    I thought it was a toman at first, making my heart race cuz the topwater take was so strong and it was fighting so fierce. So a long dark body while pulling it in only to see it has whiskers when landed :lol: :lol:

    It was a catfish frenzy just now. Until their friend got caught, they moved away :(



    If you realize, YES!! I am using a new setup!! Finesse FTW!

    Rod: Major Craft Corzza 3-8lbs
    Reel: Daiwa Alpha Finesse 105HL
    Line: Powerpro Braided 8lbs
    Lure: DUO Realis Popper 64
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Yeah the catfish on a popper was (is) madness.
  • Hedonist
    many thanks for the feedback on the rod bro.

    can't wait to get my hands on one to test it out ! :)
  • XBunsoyX
    Hedonist" said:
    many thanks for the feedback on the rod bro.

    can't wait to get my hands on one to test it out ! :)
    No problem bro..

    Tight lines!!!
  • Rainbowfish
    Nice catch on the popper! =D>
    1st time see catfish caught on popper, nice one.
  • XBunsoyX
    Rainbowfish" said:
    Nice catch on the popper! =D>
    1st time see catfish caught on popper, nice one.
    Thanks bro. First time see also. Totally unpexpected. Thought its snakehead because the take was so strong and made a fierce fight haha.

    Tight lines :D
  • XBunsoyX
    [b]CR 24/08/2014[/b]

    Only took picture my best catch of the day.

    Beautiful fish on the beautiful IMA Gyodo Survivor 70 lure!
    A mix of flutterstick and jerkbait.
    Just let it sink to desired depth then twitch twitch, pause, continue.
    Jig it also possible!

    View the video below to know more about it by IMA Singapore!
    ima Singapore: ima Gyodo Survivor 70 - YouTube

    Recommended lure, worth to invest in!
    Cr by Bunsoy
    Rod: Major Craft Corzza 3-8lbs
    Reel: Daiwa Alpha Finesse 105HL
    Line: Berkley's Fireline Original 8lbs

  • XBunsoyX
    I went to my old playground at 6.30am but was surprised there ain't any rises.
    Waited till like 7am then the rises kept on coming.
    I used my Zerek Popper Chug Bug all the way as this spot as really calm waters and the depth is just nice. Plus I don't wanna snag my lures on a rocky bottom

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  • XBunsoyX
    Hi all!

    Have not been updating for the past 3 weeks because I was on an overseas holiday hehe.

    So now that I am back in Singapore, it's time to start tighten my lines, zreet zreet and update regularly again.

    Weekend Operation, Project StoneStorm

    My catch report for the weekend. All my usual playground is being really screwed by some eh hem.. daba*ers.. And I don't know how the they know.. Also missed too many... Till i gave up and called it a day hahaha.. . . So considered lucky i still can catch this quantity.

    Feeling happy!

    Do remember to like my fishing team page >>> TeamFGSingapore
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Welcome back brother.

    Big Mayan!
  • XBunsoyX
    Luke Maow Bear" said:
    Welcome back brother.

    Big Mayan!
    Hi bro! I am baaaack!

    Yeah. This mayan gave a more thrilling and longer fight than the PB. dam it was so fierce and got lots of stamina haha!

    Thank u bro!
  • XBunsoyX
    This is post will be one of the many CRs by my fishing team > TeamFGSingapore

    Pounds of muscle caught by Monk A.K.A Brian.!
  • XBunsoyX
    A very fruitful and fulfilling day!

    Over a span of 1 hour + total, over 2 days, first fish caught really nice colour, dark hybrid temensis. The colour is seriously nice. I think somebody released it as I have never caught a colour like this before at this playground of mine.
    Second fish, another smallie peacock bass whacking my lure. It pulled down and got stucked to rubbish. had to fight extra few pounds hahaha.
    Third fish, wow, felt the aderanaline rush, i cast out, let it sink to bottom, gave a couple of twitches then BAMMMMM! Gave a good fight, jumped really really high during the fight. Every time i wanna land it, it stripped my line until it finally gave up. FOOLED BUFF PAPA MONO PEACOCK BASS!
    Fourth fish, woah ho ho, this really gave me the ultimate aderanaline rush. I changed my hardbody lure to my OWN HANDMADE TIE(literally without the tie-flying kit because I am a lazy person by heart haha) when there were really 0 bites. Just cast it once, let it sink to bottom. Retrieved and gave double twitch then BAMMMMMM! This one seriously was so fierce and had LOTS OF STAMINA! Stripped the line in my reel, it got tired so i reeled then again fought, reel in, AND AGAIN FOUGHT! Then there is this malay uncle dabaoer that disturbed me, grabbed my rod and said "aku tolong kau"(means " let me help you ) and grabbed my line and pulled the fish. Wanted to feel the fight all the way >.<!
    A muscular MAMA Peacock Bass! Colourless with no markings lol.

    Do not worry, i practise sportsfishing.
    Fishes are released back safely into the wild to grow into monstrous monsters!

  • XBunsoyX
    Met some of you at fishing grounds. I don't know many anglers, but some have come to greet me even though I don't who you are. All are nice people, especially you, the one reading this and met me. I give them tips on my spots to agitate the fish to take your lure with a higher chances.
    Even though it's our first time meeting each other, we still produced laughter haha.
    I really don't mind sharing tips, just leave me some comments here on my thread.
    As long i see you have good sportsmanship, you are by heart a good person to me ^_^ ! :lol: :) :D
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